War, is a term that instantly makes anybody alarmed and can be anybody’s worst nightmare. War not only impacts millions of helpless souls but also the environment and space. It tears down thousands of buildings that were built over the past years and gets them down to dust in an instant. Millions lose their homes, their lives, and most importantly the space they feel safe in. Hence rebuilding after war becomes the talk of the moment as creating and getting people’s safe space back becomes crucial. The world however seems to juggle between constant wars that may leave a huge effect on people that is proven to be quite negative and hence making sure that these helpless souls feel back safe is everybody’s responsibility. people from all walks of life are a part of this heart wrenching situation and thus it is important to make sure that everybody needs,no matter how different it is from each other is catered.

Architecture is a way of life that is affected by almost everything around you. Right from the climate, culture, religion, economy, etc. helping people recover from the grievances and traumatic experiences post-war through architecture is a good way to make sure that people fall back on track. Right from homes to educational institutes to healthcare facilities to hospitality services, such amenities and facilities make any place complete. Hence such services and amenities help people to get back to their normal lives and recover from their past experiences.

Physical destruction is one of the aspects that is caused when a war breaks out, another huge area that gets affected is the urban spaces. That is urban planning is significantly disrupted and ruined altogether. Mass migrations lead people to be in perplexed and sensitive situations that can wreck a person’s morale. The neighborhood dynamic, familiarity in the areas, and social connections get lost leading to psychological effects on different people and various communities.

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Germany post-war after 1945_https://www.britannica.com/

During such times, architects, urban planners, and policymakers must commence to work together in an integrated manner t develop ways and strategies that will help preserve the cultural heritage while also creating new solutions for modern housing. The reconstruction and rebuild are done to not just make up for the physical damage that has been caused due to war but also to nurture and foster a sense of community and belongingness and to help people heal faster from the experience. A lot of wars have been fought and so has the rebuild also taken place. Chances are that the people might cope with the physical loss however the mental pain that comes along with it must also be addressed in a way to ensure that people are back to normal. For instance, the post-World War II led to the rebuilding of a lot of European cities that were affected by the aftermath of the war. Cities like Warsaw and Berlin are prime examples of how cities stood the pain and suffering of war and still were determined to sprawl once the damage was done. Rotterdam is also a prominent example of how the cities that were once brought back to dust transformed into urban spaces that were comfortable for people to live again and create a space of their own in the city. As seen, architecture triumphed over war and had a clear win against all the odds. Of how cities beautifully stood firm on their roots to create a safe space for people and to start providing them once again.

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Western Europe after WW2 , a city left in ruins_https://www.rebellionresearch.com/

The impact of war however is far-fetched when it comes to the social blanket of the cities. Healing the wounds of cities becomes the top priority of the hour and this can beautifully be done through architecture. Architecture to date stands as a ray of hope to millions of helpless and poor souls who had been affected by war to take them back to their comfort space. They long to feel included and belong once again. Due to mass migration and loss of population control, it becomes quite tedious for the government as well to have good control over people and help them in any sort of way. The reconstruction and rebuilding of war-torn cities are not just a mere symbol of hope and resilience but also a beautiful way to preserve the existing cultural heritage and make people feel a sense of familiarity while promoting social cohesion. It is important to deal with such situations with the utmost emotional quotient as well as sensitivity to help heal the deep scared wounds of people. Urban planning and architecture both can play a vital and a key role to help people overcome such situations better.

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Efforts to rebuild the city of Kasse, Germany_https://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=Awrx_fApPQFmvIEulBrGHAx.;_ylu=c2VjA2ZwLWF0dHJpYgRzbGsDcnVybA–/RV=2/RE=1711386025/RO=11/RU=https%3a%2f%2fwww.pinterest.com%2fpin%2f338614465709964699%2f/RK=2/RS=_lXe6sevzXLZSyZeEhAh2y9uI24-

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