By receiving many awards, one can develop an even more effective marketing strategy that can help them acquire new business prospects. One can use the new award-winner logo to market and sell their goods and services. The Design Award provides an opportunity for industry awareness, global audience exposure, benchmarking and inspiration, and market competitiveness.

Here, we go into further depth about why re-participation is essential.

Join the World Design Rankings and Represent your Nation

Media professionals that want to highlight designers, architects, and brands from their home countries frequently use the World Design Rankings. Both journalists and design aficionados can view country-specific designer rankings thanks to the World Design Rankings. Re-joining will allow you to advance both your position, and by joining again, you will have the possibility to improve both your position and your country’s position in World Design Rankings.

Leveraging design awards to generate publicity for architects - Sheet1
“Memoria Chair”_©Sergio Sesmero

In Design Classifications, make sure to promote yourself as the finest in your industry

The Design Classifications platform has a rating scheme modelled after the Olympic medal count (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron). 

Push yourself to perform better in the following edition as you compete for greater status: 

Do better by producing quality design. Every year you gain design knowledge and expertise, you are likelier to produce better, superior work that could garner a better award status. Additionally, you need inspiration and motivation to perform better than you did before. 

With newly recognised work, increase your status and Reputation.

Every time a design receives an award, there is a fresh opportunity to engage the media, your network of contacts, and your clients. With newly recognised work each year, increase your status and renown. Participate with your current projects, products, past work recognised with an award, and works still in the concept stage. Increase your profile’s “Multiple Award Winning” prefix.

While submitting future or concept work may be relevant to highlight the dynamism or vision to clients and stakeholders, press members, and consumers, submitting past work may highlight and remind the potential and strength of previous projects, making them even more appreciated. Re-joining will allow you to showcase your most recent design work while receiving additional and repeat recognition for freshly awarded work.

Leveraging design awards to generate publicity for architects - Sheet2
“Colorful Palette Educational Institute”_©Wei Cheng Lin

Incorporate winning the Design Award for your marketing and publicity strategy. 

Incorporate winning the Design Award and Competition as part of your marketing and publicity strategy. By winning the Design Award and Competition for consecutive years, you may maintain the excitement and momentum about your brand in the media and re-establish contact with other designers, press personnel, and designers worldwide.

When a jury of industry professionals recognises and rewards your work, the impact and acceptability are far greater than if you declare good design for your projects, goods, and services. 

Experts and more seasoned businesspeople understand that ongoing success is the only way to demonstrate actual skill and that a single accomplishment never measures it. Any talented designer may win any design prize with some good fortune and talent, but winning an award just once will not guarantee success. Only a truly exceptional designer can win Design Awards in successive years. Because of this, the phrases “Proven track record” and “tested against time” exist. 

“Open Village Cinema”_©Shimu Wang

To win, you must participate.

Your brilliant concepts have the power to influence the future. One is entitled to receive international recognition for his/ her exceptional design. Your inventive work deserves recognition by a distinguished jury group of representatives of the globally prominent press, renowned academics, seasoned businesspeople, and renowned designers. Your excellent design cries out to be placed first. It is important to convey your dominance over design. Your innovative designs might establish a trend. You must receive recognition for your design-focused company.

Display Your Creativity in Additional Design Domains:

You have the chance to show that your business is capable of designing and developing goods for a variety of industries by taking part in several Design Award competition categories. The following message should be conveyed to your customers: we understand good design, have done good design, and can do good design in all domains. It is crucial to join numerous design categories to generate more leads and to show your company’s innovation in other industries.

You could use the fact that you have won prestigious awards in various design categories to support your claims and to help persuade and convert new clients. This may seem trivial and unimportant, but it is quite significant and helpful for your business.

In conclusion, participating in Design Award competitions regularly is a highly beneficial opportunity for designers, artists, architects, agencies, start-ups, brands, and businesses to build on their success, establish a legacy of excellence, create a potent marketing tool to increase visibility, credibility, and business opportunities, and continuously improve the skills of their teams, increase reputation, and become more competitive in the market. The Design Award can be used to show prospective customers, partners, and investors the quality and innovation of your brand.


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