Santorini is the number one destination for every couple’s honeymoon. From picturesque landscapes to sunsets one will cherish for a lifetime. Santorini is one of the largest islands of Greece. In 2008, Greece was struck hard by the global financial crisis, and since then travel to Greece has been quite cheap. One of the best places an architect or an aspiring architect can visit in Greece is Santorini to cherish its Cycladic Architecture.

Here are 15 Places to visit in Santorini for the Travelling Architect:

1. MATI Art Gallery

MATI art Gallery is located in Thira in Santorini near gorgeous plateaus. Mati Art Gallery is one of the best art galleries in Europe and sure to inspire every architect and aspiring architects out there. The art there is displayed in very vivid and bright colors. The modern art present there is most of the theme of the sea, and Mati also offers Futuristic art. This should definitely be on top of your travel list to Santorini if you are an architect.

MATI Art Gallery - Sheet1
Mati Art Gallery Source- Greeceis
MATI Art Gallery - Sheet2
Mati Art Gallery Source- Tripadvissor
MATI Art Gallery - Sheet3
Mati Art Gallery Source- Tripadvissor

2. Church of Panagia

Located in the village of Oia in Santorini, this church is a perfect example of Cycladic architecture. It is coated beautifully with white paint. Its dome is a beautiful blue and has arched windows all across the structure. The roofs of the church are covered with red tiles or simply plastered. The building has five entrances, two each to the north and the south, and a main entrance to the west. This beautiful domed church is symbolic to Santorini.

Church of Panagia, ©Tripadvissor

3. Three Bells OfFira

Another marvelous blue-domed church located in the town of Fira in Santorini. This church has been built precisely and perfectly to witness the best sunset you will ever witness in your lifetime. It is built perfectly on a high cliff facing the vast ocean. Facing the ocean the church has three bells surrounded by a white painted arc each and joint together in the shape of a triangle. It is one of the smaller catholic churches present in Santorini but it definitely one that every architect should check out.

Three Bells OfFira - Sheet1
Three Bells of Fira ©Living+Nomads
Three Bells OfFira - Sheet2
Three Bells of Fira ©Flickr
Three Bells OfFira - Sheet3
Three Bells of Fira ©The Planet D

4. Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral

Located in the town of Fira, this structure stands out due to its unique design. It attracts tourists all year due to its impressive interiors. It can be seen from a great distance and from many parts of Santorini. The church was built in 1827, and offers an impressive view of the caldera and the volcano of Santorini. It has a beautiful and tall bell tower built, the mosaic inside alongside the beautiful chandeliers is sure to awe all architects. It again has arched windows and has multiple domes. With arched pillars bordering the entrance and a beautiful and well-detailed dome, this building stands out from all the other white-painted buildings in the island of Santorini.

Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral - Sheet1
Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral ©Tripadvissor
Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral - Sheet2
Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral ©Stroglii Traditional Houses
Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral - Sheet3
Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral ©Tripadvissor

5. Castelli of Pyrgos

Located in the traditional village of Pyrgos in Santorini, this majestic Cycladic castle is guaranteed to drop the jaws of all architects with its sheer beauty. Pyrgos is the highest village on the island. The castle is built on top of a beautiful mountain, making it the highest peak on the island. It is another beautiful structure with a blue dome. The castle of Pyrgos is well-preserved despite the serious damage the earthquake of 1956 provoked and the demolition of many buildings. A visit to the Castelli will bring you awe and excitement as a mystique penetrates the area. It has a majestic watch tower built. With a raised dome on the top, it has arched windows and domes across the structure.

Castelli of Pyrgos - Sheet2
Castelli of Pyrgos, ©Santorini Best Tours
Castelli of Pyrgos - Sheet1
Castelli of Pyrgos, ©Santorini Best Tours
Church of Panagia
Castelli of Pyrgos ©Tripadvissor
Castelli of Pyrgos - Sheet3
Castelli of Pyrgos ©Tripadvissor

6. Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

This beautiful cathedral is definitely the most beautiful Cathedral located on the Island. It is also located in the town of Fira. It is painted in multiple different colors ranging from yellow to blue. It has a beautiful and well-detailed clock tower. The structure clearly showcases the true beauty of ancient greek architecture. It stands out clearly from all the Cycladic architectural buildings on the island. It has a beautiful raised dome with a Cristian Cross on top of it. The structure is visible from a long distance and its beautiful colors and design on the outside attract tourists. The inside is more beautiful, if not more than the outside. With beautiful large chandeliers throughout, it also has a ceiling covered with beautiful mosaics.

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist - Sheet1
Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist ©Greek Boston
Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist - Sheet2
Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist ©Tripadvissor
Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist - Sheet3
Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist ©Wikipedia

7. Akrotiri Lighthouse

This is by far the most picturesque location on the island. With beautiful sunsets and view of nothing but the beautiful ocean. The lighthouse located in Akrotiri is a location straight from fiction. Located as the lone structure on a peninsular cliff, the lighthouse is just a work of art. Painted mostly in white, the cubic lighthouse is a unique lighthouse. Every architect would be left shell-shocked after the visit. The lighthouse is extremely symbolic in Santorini and has featured in multiple Hollywood films.

Akrotiri Lighthouse - Sheet1
Akrotiri Lighthouse ©Illusion villa
Akrotiri Lighthouse - Sheet2
Akrotiri Lighthouse ©Pinterest
Akrotiri Lighthouse - Sheet3
Akrotiri Lighthouse ©Wallpaper abyss

8. Prophet Elias Monastery

It is built on the highest peak on the Island. Located between Pyrgos and Kamari Villages, built in 1712, this beautiful building looks like a fortress from the outside. Many bells are attached to this building giving it a classy look. The interior is covered in ancient Greek art and antiques. Each doorway is arched with a beautiful painting also in the shape of an arc above it. It has multiple beautiful domes and has a rusted look to it. It will definitely offer every architect a unique experience.

Prophet Elias Monastery - Sheet1
Prophet Elias Monastery ©Santorini plus
Prophet Elias Monastery - Sheet2
Prophet Elias Monastery ©Tripadvissor

9. Museum of Prehistoric Thera

Located in village Fira in Santorini, this museum is sure to inspire every architect. It includes artifacts that are centuries old. It holds amazing pieces of ancient Greek art. It offers an insight into the wonderful ancient Greek architecture.

Museum of Prehistoric Thera - Sheet1
Museum of Prehistoric Thera ©Living+nomads
Museum of Prehistoric Thera - Sheet2
Museum of Prehistoric Thera ©Living+nomads
Museum of Prehistoric Thera - Sheet3
Museum of Prehistoric Thera ©Magazine-CanavesOia Hotel

10. Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri

As the name suggests, this place is an ancient abandoned town. It offers an amazing insight into how the Greeks must have live centuries ago. It is a great study of ancient Greek architecture and city building. It was destroyed by a volcanic eruption which gives the town a completely different meaning.

Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri - Sheet1
Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri ©Atlas Obscura
Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri - Sheet2
Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri ©Ekathimerini
Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri - Sheet3
Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri ©Greeka

11. Lost Atlantis

World’s first and only Lost Atlantis museum, the museum is an experience of a lifetime. It offers and showcases Greek culture, mythology, architecture, and art. A must-visit for all architects when they visit Santorini. Another plus, there is an art gallery located just opposite the museum.

Lost Atlantis - Sheet1
Lost Atlantis ©Raincouver Beauty
Lost Atlantis - Sheet2
Lost Atlantis ©Twitter- @lostatlantisXP
Lost Atlantis - Sheet3
Lost Atlantis. ©Tripadvissor

12. Epilekton

A junk store located in Oia village in Santorini, Epilekton holds the most abstract forms of art made from all kinds of junk. Located perfectly on a slope facing the ocean, not only is the location beautiful but the building holds inspiration in plenty for all architects and artists.

Epilekton©Santorini private guide

13. Canava Roussos

One of the hundreds of wineries in Santorini, this one stands out from the rest. It is built in such a way that the surrounding nature is not sacrificed. The interiors are all themed perfectly with the surrounding greenery and the building is covered with flowering plants all across. This gives the building a beautiful and sustainable look.

Canava Roussos - Sheet2
Canava Roussos ©Tripadvissor
Canava Roussos - Sheet1
Canava Roussos ©Tripadvissor

14. ArtSpace Winery

This building combines all the best things about Santorini into one- Art and Wine. An art gallery, winery, and a museum, this building is sure to bring up inspiration in every architect. The majority of the building is built underground or inside a mountain, offering it another brilliant perspective.

ArtSpace Winery - Sheet1
ArtSpace Winery ©Greektravel
ArtSpace Winery - Sheet2
ArtSpace Winery ©Tripadvissor
ArtSpace Winery - Sheet3
ArtSpace Winery©Flickr

15. Vorvoulos Beach

One of the many beautiful beaches in Santorini, the sheer beauty of nature on this beach is sure to awe every architect. The beautiful scenic cliffs bordering the beach, is a sight to witness. The colors of the cliffs give it a smooth coffee like look. The city is built on the other side giving the entire beach a completely different look to other beaches on the island.

Vorvoulos Beach - Sheet1
Vorvoulos Beach ©Greekboston
Vorvoulos Beach - Sheet2
Vorvoulos Beach ©Flickr
Vorvoulos Beach - Sheet3
Vorvoulos Beach ©Tripadvissor

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