Kumar Group Total Designers – Architects in Kerala

Discover the unparalleled architectural excellence and transformative design experiences curated by Kumar Group Total Designers, helmed by the visionary Principal Architect, S Gopakumar. As a premier architectural and interior design firm, their footprint spans across Kerala and extends globally, setting new standards in the industry.

A Legacy of Excellence: Redefining Architectural Landscapes

Kumar Group Total Designers stands as a beacon of architectural innovation, boasting a rich legacy as the first and most experienced architectural firm in Kerala. Their portfolio speaks volumes about their versatility, with a spectrum of projects including Commercial, Institutional, Apartments, Residences, IT Buildings, and Transportation hubs.

Crafting Spatial Marvels: The Essence of Contemporary Design

At the core of Kumar Group Total Designers’ ethos lies a commitment to contemporary design sensibilities. Their architectural expressions seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with functional design, culminating in spaces that are both visually striking and highly practical, meeting the evolving needs of their clients.

Diverse Backgrounds, Unified Vision

The studio’s uniqueness stems from its diverse team, comprising individuals from varied backgrounds and cultures. This amalgamation of perspectives fuels their creative process, fostering innovation and allowing for a multi-dimensional approach to each project they undertake.

S Gopakumar: Architectural Maestro

S Gopakumar, renowned as the top architect in Kerala, spearheads Kumar Group Total Designers with a visionary zeal. His exceptional contributions to Indian architecture were recognized by the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) through the prestigious Baburao Mhatre Gold Medal in 2020. This accolade symbolizes his unparalleled dedication and profound impact on the architectural landscape.

Crafting Futures, Cultivating Visions

Beyond the physical structures they create, Kumar Group Total Designers are visionaries dedicated to cultivating future-ready spaces. Their designs transcend mere functionality, aiming to inspire, evoke emotions, and provide transformative experiences to all who interact with their creations.


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