Space Art – Architecture Firms in Calicut

In the bustling architectural landscape of Kerala, Space Art emerges as a beacon of creativity, led by the visionary Principal Architect, Vinod P Cyriac. Specializing in Architecture and Interior Design, Space Art has carved a niche for itself, contributing significantly to the realm of Group Housing, Hospitality, Institutional, and Residential projects.

Geographical Presence

A Creative Force Across Multiple Cities

Space Art’s influence extends far beyond the boundaries of a single city, with its architectural footprints found across multiple cities in Kerala. The studio’s commitment to delivering excellence resonates in every project they undertake, leaving an indelible mark on the architectural canvas of the region.

Architectural Style: Clean Volumes and Contemporary Elegance

Simplicity That Distinguishes the Extraordinary

Space Art’s design philosophy revolves around clean volumes and contemporary elegance. The architects at Space Art understand that simplicity often distinguishes the extraordinary from the ordinary. They strive to capture the simplicity that pervades nature, seamlessly blending homesteads into their surroundings with a touch of modern sophistication.

Diverse Built Projects: From Hospitality to Residential

A Varied Portfolio Reflecting Expertise

Space Art’s portfolio showcases a diverse range of built projects, from welcoming hospitality spaces to thoughtfully designed residential environments. Their expertise spans across institutional structures, demonstrating a versatility that aligns with the dynamic needs of contemporary society.

Innovative Sustainability: A Blend of Tradition and Contemporary

A Contemporary Interpretation of Tradition

Space Art places a significant emphasis on sustainability and community building. Their unique approach involves a contemporary interpretation of traditional value systems and architectural vocabulary. This dedication to blending tradition with modernity contributes to the creation of meaningful and sustainable building environments.

The Power of Collaborative Creativity

Teamwork and Collective Energy

At Space Art, the power of a collaborative team is evident. Like-minded individuals with varied interests come together, creating a platform for the exchange of knowledge and energy. This motivated and radically thinking team collectively pursues a common aim through a continuously deep design process.

Explore the Architectural Excellence

Crafting Homes, Building Communities

To witness the architectural excellence that Space Art brings to every project, visit their website at Space Art continues to redefine contemporary living spaces, blending simplicity with sophistication, and contributing to the ever-evolving architectural narrative across Kerala.



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