The Banfield Pet Hospital Headquarters is located in Vancouver city, Washington. The Banfield’s structure is a design of TVA Architects & the interiors have been composed by Gensler. Gensler is an architectural design & planning firm working on a global level. It was founded in 1965 and has procured many prestigious awards for its work. The Banfield Headquarters is a dream workplace for any pet owner or animal lover. Completed in 2017, the Banfield Headquarters mentions their core value as a focus on the health of pets, people & the environment. Banfield headquarters is a training facility for veterinarians. The Structure is the headquarters for the Banfield group in the United States of America. 

Banfield Pet Hospital Headquarters by Gensler: The Evolution of Workspaces - Sheet1
A Transition Space at the Banfield Headquarters_©AIA Chicago.Awards Platform
Banfield Pet Hospital Headquarters by Gensler: The Evolution of Workspaces - Sheet2
Double Height Reception area _©

Interior And Exterior

The design revolves around the concept to merge the interior and exterior creating an open genius loci. The headquarters are three structured divisions connected together with a central core. Gensler’s design theme is monotonous material use with clashes of vibrant pet figurines at intervals. The monotony has also been paused with small green patches at nodes and corners. The structure has been designed to have well-lit interiors through full-height glass windows, also allowing a view of lush green exteriors from almost all interior spaces. The central core is an attraction of a pet walking ramp under a skylight running from the ground floor to the third. On the ground floor, a reception area of double height overlooking the workspace is the first welcome space for any visitor. The reception connects all major spaces from the entrance lobby and also gives a welcoming area to the visitors. The main attraction at this lobby is the huge live green wall which gives a splash of peppy to the lobby. The lounge space flaunts a chandelier made of dog dishes hanging from the roof. Gensler designed the interiors to give an outdoorsy aura without disrupting the corporate theme that is required for workspaces. The headquarter consists of six micro cafes with a health emphasizing theme, a meditation room, collaboration meeting points, secluded booths and even standing tables to promote health in the workspace. The work environment is designed for people’s health and is pet friendly. 

Banfield Pet Hospital Headquarters by Gensler: The Evolution of Workspaces - Sheet3
Pet Walk Ramp  ©AIA Chicago.Awards Platform

The core connecting the three structures is a central ramp starting from the ground floor up to the third floor. The glass facade to the north projects sunlight on the ramp, highlighting the colorful and vibrant animal figurines on the glass railing of the ramp. The mundane created by grey and wood materials are interrupted by the planter boxes on landings and vibrant designs on glass railings throughout. This ramp at the focal point of the structure symbolizes the ideology of Banfield, i.e. togetherness of people, pets, and the environment. 

Banfield Pet Hospital Headquarters by Gensler: The Evolution of Workspaces - Sheet4
One of six small cafeterias _©AIA Chicago.Awards Platform

Gensler specializes in the sustainable style of architecture and has designed various projects within sustainability. The Banfield headquarters is also a product of sustainable practices. The wet Vancouver weather is tackled by enclosed spaces with large glazing windows for ample light into the interiors. The use of green roofs and live green walls or vertical gardens is an aspect of the sustainable nature of the building. Gensler proposed the use of reclaimed wood furniture in interior design. The materials used including wood, steel, and concrete were locally sourced for the construction. Low flow fixtures, LED lighting throughout of gold LEED rating, geothermal heating, and cooling systems are some other features of the interior. Gensler’s concept for the interior of The Banfield Headquarters has been described as a timeless design on many platforms. The headquarters consumes only half the amount of energy required for an office building.

Banfield Pet Hospital Headquarters by Gensler: The Evolution of Workspaces - Sheet5
Pet Walk Ramp _©AIA Chicago.Awards Platform

Architecture For People And Animals

Banfield is passionate and stands for the well-being of pets, the Gensler made it a point to reflect this in every possible aspect of the headquarters. The lobbies have been installed with doggy drinking fountains at intervals. The wide and luminous interiors ensure a view of the lush green outdoor patch from almost all major corners of the interiors. The play of contrast in the materials adds a gleeful touch to the interior for both people and animals alike. The presence of pets in a workplace is stress-releasing for people. Hence, the interior is specifically designed to be pet-friendly. Gensler designed a workspace where you can not only work around your pets but also work for all pets around. 


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