Architecture in Vancouver, British Columbia varies widely due to the development of various architectural styles in the city by the Architects in Vancouver. The architecture of the city had its inspirations from the European style and the styles from the US, especially those found all along the Pacific Coast. The city saw the Edwardian style in the 20th Century that continued until the mid-20th century, then followed by a modern and contemporary style.

The city was also the original home to the Aboriginal people for a long period of time until the 19th century, who then left only architectural traces in the city.

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Apart from this, the city’s geography is also responsible for the diverse architecture. Vancouver has a scenic landscape with ocean, mountains, and forests, which ultimately displays a different style of architecture in the different landscape settings. A prominent architectural style, known as the West Coast Style, first emerged in Vancouver, which, provided the users with expansive views of the sea, which also blended with the hilly terrain of the sites. Vancouver being the most populous city in the province and the third-largest metropolitan city in Canada continues to grow at a rapid rate with a high demand for housing and infrastructure.

Re-thinking The Future is a global platform for architecture and design. RTF along with our authors has curated a list of top architecture firms in various cities across the globe. Please note that the names of Architects in Vancouver are arranged in alphabetical order and are not ranked in any manner.

A A Robins Architect | Architects in Vancouver

Scope of services: Architecture, Interiors
Types of Built Projects: Residential, Commercial, Educational
Locations of Built Projects: British Columbia, Japan
Style of work: Green Building Method, Design-Oriented

The firm’s principal architect, Tony Robins, is a member of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia, Royal Institute of British Architects, and Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. He and his firm have received various awards from Canada to Paris to Japan. Their work has been published in various publications too. The firm’s approach to design is modern and minimal, from their Japanese roots in Western architecture. Tony has also started a prefabrication factory: Perform Construction, due to his interests in green building methods and quality control.

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The Cube House, Vancouver ©

Acton Ostry Architects Inc.

Scope of services: Architecture, Interiors
Types of Built Projects: Educational, Community, Residential, Commercial, Worship
Locations of Built Projects: Canada
Style of work: New Technologies and Materials

Acton Ostry Architects approaches a project through the site context, like the climate, topography, culture, and the lessons learned from buildings inherited from the past. They use new technologies and materials that signify modern values. The firm is a member of the Canada Green Building Council and Passive House Canada. They also design tall and mass wood buildings.

The Duke ©

Allan Diamond Architect | Architects in Vancouver

Scope of services: Architecture, Interiors, Heritage Conservation
Types of Built Projects: Custom homes, Industrial, Commercial
Locations of Built Projects: British Columbia
Style of work: Project-based

Allan Diamond Architect works on projects of various typologies ranging from custom homes to industrial to heritage restoration. A few of the projects are – Terra Breads Bakery and Café, Ptm Grey Research Inc., Railspur Alley Café and Bistro, Nicola St. Heritage Preservation and Infill Project, Kensington Apartments Heritage Restoration, etc.

Single family house ©

Amanat Architect

Scope of services: Architecture, Interiors, Planning
Types of Built Projects: Residential, Public spaces, Administration, Educational, Commercial
Locations of Built Projects: Canada, Israel, China, Samoa, Washington DC, California
Style of work: Sensitivity to the Environmental and Cultural Context of Each Project

The principal architect of the firm, Hossein Amanat, began his career when he won a national competition in Iran for designing the Shahy­ad Free­dom Monu­ment in Tehran. This achievement provided him with the opportunities to create Iran’s most recognized buildings like uni­versit­ies, lib­rar­ies, and a town. He then began his practice in Canada and created prestigious buildings like the World Ad­min­is­trat­ive Cen­ter of the Baha’i Faith in Is­rael, uni­versity lib­rar­ies and factor­ies in China, mixed-use high-rise build­ings in San Diego, res­id­en­tial con­domin­i­ums in Santa Mon­ica, a temple in Sam­oa, re­li­gious and cul­tur­al cen­ters near Dal­las, Seattle and Wash­ing­ton, D.C. and res­id­en­tial dwell­ings in Canada and Cali­for­nia, etc.

Shahyad / Azadi Monument, Tehran ©

Architecture | 49 | Architects in Vancouver

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape
Types of Built Projects: Commercial, Cultural spaces, Educational spaces, Heritage, Healthcare, Hospitality, Science/Technology, Security/Defence, Sports/Entertainment, Transportation, Industrial
Locations of Built Projects: Canada – Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Prairies, Quebec, Western Canada, and other regions
Style of work: Sustainability, Practicability, Functionality, Beauty

Architecture 49 is the leading company in Canada for its services in a wide range of projects, including a few of Canada’s most important architecture. They aim to shape the urban environment into Canada’s principles – honesty, diversity, practicality, regionalism. They create spaces that improve the quality of life of the people, social life, and sustainability of the communities. The list of some of the major projects includes Stanfield International Airport, Atlantic Tennis Center, School of Sustainable Design Engineering, Atlantic Veterinary College, rehabilitation and restoration of Halifax Town Clock, etc.

Cold-Ocean Deep-Sea Research Facility, Logy Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador – Science/Technology ©

Arno Matis Architecture (AMA)

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior Planning, Rezoning, Urban Design, Project Management, Graphic Design
Types of Built Projects: Hotel, Residential, Commercial
Locations of Built Projects: Canada
Style of work: Responsive Architecture

AMA has been listed as a top 40 leading global design firm for the 21st century for two consecutive years. Each project is in response to the site, social, economic, and ecological context, hence being unique in all aspects. The firm is committed to building sustainable designs. They have received various awards for their works like the – WL Designers of the Year, American Architecture Prize, Dezeen Awards, AIBC Awards, etc.

Forest Edge, Vancouver – Residential ©

Art Cader Architect Inc.

Scope of services: Architecture, Interiors, Art & Sculpture
Types of Built Projects: Institutional, Science/Research, Healthcare Commercial/ Office, Museum/ Exhibition Spaces, Residential
Locations of Built Projects: British Columbia
Style of work: Function-based

The firm focuses on a wide typology of projects ranging from residential to institutional to science research centers. They believe in merging art and science through opportunities, and hence many of their projects are science-based. A few of them are – UBC Pacific Center for Isotopic and Geochemical Research, UBC Pacific Museum of the Earth- Renovation, UBC LSC Medical School- Expansion, UBC Life Sciences Center NMR Laboratory, etc.

UBC EOAS Pacific Museum of the Earth ©

ATA Architectural Design Ltd | Architects in Vancouver

Scope of services: Architecture, Interiors, Renovation
Types of Built Projects: Commercial, Residential
Locations of Built Projects: Canada
Style of work: Site-based

ATA Architects mainly focuses on designing for single-family houses, multi-family residences, commercial, retail, industrial, etc. They work in the northwest regions of Canada like British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, and North West Territories.

West Vancouver House ©

BattersbyHowat Architects Inc.

Scope of services: Architecture, Interiors, Landscape
Types of Built Projects: Houses
Locations of Built Projects: Canada
Style of work: Contemporary

The firm practices contemporary architecture extensively that is modest and authentic. They work mainly on residential projects like private and multi-family residences, gardens, art galleries, showrooms, offices, furniture designs, all both in rural and urban areas. Their approach to design is integrating building elements, including the furnishings and fixtures with the surrounding landscape. Their works have been featured in various publications like Dwell: Ideal Island Retreat, Western Living: Poetic Design, Azure: Eppich Return, etc.; and have won awards like the Canadian Architect Award of Excellence, Western Living’s Best in the West Award, etc.

Residence AS13, New Westminster ©

B + H

Scope of services: Architecture, Interiors, Planning, Landscape
Types of Built Projects: Commercial, Workplace, Healthcare/ Hospitality, Institutional, Residential, Sports/ Recreational, Transportation
Locations of Built Projects: All over the world
Style of work: Modern

Bold + Human architects work on projects across the globe to deliver buildings and environments that are inspiring, functional, and contextual. The firm is a member of the Surbana Jurong Group who is the largest Asia-based urban and infrastructure consulting firm with experience of over 70 years. They believe that the power of design transforms spaces, communities, and economics.

Smarter, Better and Greener Communities, 402 Dunsmuir – Commercial/Mixed use ©
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Pranjali is a passionate artist and an architect who loves to blend her designs with nature. She designs meticulously and is always exploring the impact of architectural spaces on user's mind and body. You will find her lost in travelling, daydreams, books, and also on mountain trails.

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