Studio HuB Architects | Architects in Vancouver

Scope of services: Architecture, Interiors, Renovation, Seismic upgrades
Types of Built Projects: Commercial, Community spaces, Educational, Residential
Locations of Built Projects: British Columbia
Style of work: Sustainability

StudioHuB Architects creates projects focusing on the human experience and creating a thoughtful environment for communities. They focus majorly on sustainability in designs, from building orientation to innovative wood structural systems to geothermal systems. There is also an artist studio and wood workshop in the company, managed by the team who has a background in fine arts, film, woodworking, and construction, apart from architecture.

Evans Lake Multipurpose Hall ©

TKL Design 

Scope of services: Landscape
Types of Built Projects: Landscape for Residential
Locations of Built Projects: New York, Seattle, Vancouver, Los Angeles.
Style of work: Environmental Stewardship, Design Elegance

TKL Design works on landscape designs, site planning, and project management. The firm works on various scale landscape projects from intimate backyards and green roofs to waterfront properties to five acres estates. The firm has been practicing for over 20 years.

Classical Water Garden, Vancouver ©

Turner Architecture

Scope of services: Architecture, Interiors, Infrastructure
Types of Built Projects: Housing, Community centers, Cafes
Locations of Built Projects: Canada
Style of work: Project based

Turner Architecture works on projects of various types and scales ranging from housing to urban design, to streetscapes to heritage studies. They also work on brewpubs, light industrial facilities, churches, and community centers. They have won awards like the Vancouver Heritage Award Mount Pleasant Brewery Creek Vancouver, Award of Excellence for Street Townhouses, and Best Reality Urban Design Razhov – Czech Republic.


Tyler Schmidt Architect Ltd. | Architects in Vancouver

Scope of services: Architecture, Interiors
Types ofBuilt Projects: Commercial/Retail, Residential, Healthcare, Biopharmaceutical labs
Locations of Built Projects: Canada
Style of work: Project based

TS Architects has their expertise in luxury homes, multi-family residential, and senior homes. The firm also specializes in commercial and retail, healthcare, biopharmaceutical laboratories, and auto dealerships.

Multi family Residences ©

Unison Architecture

Scope of services: Architecture
Types of Built Projects: Housing, Educational, Daycare, Healthcare, Museums
Locations of Built Projects: First Nations
Style of work: Modern, Low impact on environment

Unison Architecture works with First Nations and several other small communities in British Columbia. They also work on public and private projects in urban, suburban, and remote areas. They understand the challenges that each of these communities has and hence, are constantly striving to improve the quality of life in these communities for the long term. They create responsive designs for each different community and context.

Tl’ke’mtsin Community Health Centre, Lytton First Nation ©

Urban Arts Architecture Inc.

Scope of services: Architecture
Types of Built Projects: Community, Cultural, Educational, Residential, Healthcare, Infrastructure/ Master Planning, Indigenous
Locations of Built Projects: BC, Yukon.
Style of work: Sustainability

UAA is an award-winning firm that provides architectural services to various clients including the First Nations. They aim for sustainable buildings with a healthy environment that would minimize the impact on the environment. They also aim to create spaces that are bound to their context and binding the architectural spaces to its inhabitants and culture.

Saulteau Kindergarten, Saulteau First Nation ©

VIA Architecture | Architects in Vancouver

Scope of services: Transit+Alignment Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, Urban planning, Infrastructure Design, 3-D Visualization+BIM
Types of Built Projects: Community, Infrastructure, Work, Transit, Residential
Locations of Built Projects: Canada, USA
Style of work: Project Based, Sustainable

VIA has its offices in Vancouver, Seattle, and Oakland with projects in different parts in the US and Canada. They emphasize projects that shape the neighborhood and regions, like transit stations, pedestrian alignment, skywalks, street designing, etc. Apart from that, they also design architecture of other typologies including residential and resorts. They have designed the Burrard Station Vancouver, Fairview Pedestrian Bridge Seattle, Hillsdale Transit Center San Mateo, Kingston Gardens Affordable Housing Surrey, Club Intrawest Sandestin Resort Sandestin, etc.

Northgate Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridge, Seattle ©


Scope of services: Architecture, Urban planning, 3D Visualization, Digital Fabrication
Types of Built Projects: Residential, Commercial, Mixed use, Cultural
Locations of Built Projects: British Columbia, China
Style of work: Modern

Wilson Chang Architects Inc. has offices in Vancouver, Shanghai, and Taipei. The firm focuses on architecture as well as digital fabrication. Some of their major projects include mixed-use – Royal Hill Plaza, Granville & 70th, LOMA, cultural – Vancouver Yuan Yung Buddhism Society, Taoist Temple (Conversion from Roman Catholic Church) in the regions of British Columbia, and International Plaza Yichang (mixed-use) in China.

International Plaza Yichang – Exterior design for mixed-use development, China ©


Scope of services: Architecture, Interiors
Types of Built Projects: Houses
Locations of Built Projects: British Columbia
Style of work: Sensual Structuralism, Nouveau Moderne, Livable Luxury

Zacharkoyustin’s philosophy for their design is based on ‘sensual structuralism’ which means bringing together cultural elements and seeking gratification of the senses; ‘nouveau moderne’ which means applying contemporary modes and giving them historical reference; and ‘livable luxury’ which means defining the meaning of luxury for different people and giving them experiences they seek for. Their work is featured in House+Home magazine in various publications- City Living: Lofty Ambitions, Design No. 1: Grand with a deco twist gold medal style, Top 25: Designers Coming up Next, Of the Month: Between the sea and sky, etc.


ZAS Architects + Interiors | Architects in Vancouver

Scope of services: Architecture, Interiors, Urban planning
Types of Built Projects: Offices, Community spaces, Residential, Educational
Locations of Built Projects: Canada
Style of work: Innovative and Sustainable

ZAS Architects provide an innovative, user-friendly, and enduring architecture of various scales. They are one of Canada’s leading designers of architecture and interiors and sustainable urban areas. They have their offices in Canada and in Dubai, in which offices in Dubai manages their international projects.

Vaughan Civic Centre & Public Resource Library ©
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Pranjali is a passionate artist and an architect who loves to blend her designs with nature. She designs meticulously and is always exploring the impact of architectural spaces on user's mind and body. You will find her lost in travelling, daydreams, books, and also on mountain trails.

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    Credit where credit is due. Ryder Architecture is in partnership with Hotson Architects for the Pacific Residence project at UBC. Adam James, Kate Mather and 3 other staff have been working on this since it’s inception. We are going through our final reviews and two of the five buildings will be completed in August.


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