Every one of us knows how Architects seek for opportunities to travel and explore every possible inch of this world. To add one more to that promising destination is a place that you have seen in movies, even your desktop had it as its wallpaper, and that you must visit. Scotland is one of those places that are filled with diverse things that will make you awestruck. Moreover, wherever you roll eyes, Scotland visit will offer you a unique and life-affirming moments. What else do we architects ask for, and Scotland sure proves itself a place that architects cannot miss. Between the drama, it creates with its views and the charm of the traditions they follow, here are 10 reasons why architects must visit Scotland.

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1. Scotland synonym to beautiful highlands | Scotland visit

Highlands is the cherry of this stunning place that you cannot miss. Mystique appearance and stretched for hundreds of miles, the Scottish Highlands are the first thing that every traveler visits. Besides, it is Britain’s greatest possession with the largest area of untamed views and natural elegance. Whether you have a hobby of hiking or biking, or not you can go here just for the outstanding aura. So visiting Scotland for architects will be both adventurous and mind-opening at the same time.

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Looking South over the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye ©en.wikipedia.org

2. Miraculous locations, seriously!

It is indeed the magical locations that make Scotland a little more dramatic. Architects usually imagine a world of magic that is yet not built but gives us goosebumps anyway. Starting with ethereal pools by the Isle of Skye, then Fingal’s Cave and atmospheric Puck’s Glen, these will give you a new perspective and inspire you along. 

Finally, if there are any Harry Potter fans like myself, Glenfinnan Viaduct will seem a lot familiar. The Famous Hogwarts-Express (Jacobite steam train), going over through the Viaduct, will take you through some other Harry Potter locations as well.   

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View of the Glenfinnan Viaduct ©www.snaptrip.com

3. Intimidating Scottish Architecture | Scotland visit

The historic significance of Scotland dates even before Stonehenge or The Great Pyramid came into existence. Along with the oldest Neolithic stone village, Skara Brae, this place houses uber-modern structures too. Furthermore, being an amazing treat for the Architects, the Scottish Architecture includes an array of worth visiting points.

From baronial to gothic buildings to historic Art Deco by Mackintosh to stunning Zaha Hadid designs to exquisite lighthouses and old ruins, Scotland celebrates architecture extraordinarily.

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Remains of the Stone structures ©www.nationalgeographic.com

4. Castles for an architect to dive into the history

Castles stand in the majority yet perfectly mixed with the Scotland ambiance. The beauty of the myriad of castles is that they come in plenty of sizes and shapes. Standing by the sea, these structures surely want Architects to sit there and grasp how beautiful their profession is, that produces such marvels. Edinburgh Castle, Eilean Donan Castle, Craigievar Castle, and Dunrobin Castle are a few names that you should visit, and you might find many movie connections with these as well.    

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Looking over the Castle of Scotland ©edition.cnn.com

5. The landscape Drama | Scotland visit

The ruggedness and striking landscapes give an intoxicating experience. Architects frequently go through a lot of pressure, and traveling here will help you release it all. Scotland roofs jagged mountains, rolling hills, and sandy beaches, which make this place a perfect mixture of everything. Besides that, these landscapes are the ideals for photography that do not even need Photoshop as they are naturally edited!

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Scotland Landscape ©www.historic-uk.com

6. Stress-busting drives

With all the stress-filled lives we architects lead, a break from everything should be the priority. Make sure on your visit to Scotland that you do not miss the driving journey.

And the drive itself will help you release those tension hormones, and even though the roads are winding and small yet every nook has something to explore. This place offers several such gems that will be apt to make your journey miraculous.

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Stunning Road of Scotland ©theculturetrip.com

7. Secret Gardens for your soul

A simple way to rejuvenate your mind and soul would be the gift that Scotland has in store for you. Ambiguous and arty, the gardens are evocative for humans. Counting from the Garden of Cosmic Speculation filled with fractals and mathematical equations to the philosophical garden to some other hidden gems, this place has it all. But not to forget the gorgeous wood forest of Perthshire, Enchanted Forest that comes to life after dark that will leave you awestruck and refreshed. 

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Enchanted Forest ©www.enchantedforest.org.uk

8. The food you’ll love | Scotland visit

Who does not love food? In fact, after a long tiring day of designing, we often find food as our go-to thing? Scotland serves some scrumptious delicacies that will leave you relaxed. Moreover, your trip will be made memorable with the home-grown vegetables, fresh and organic ingredients, and the amazing Scottish recipes. From the impeccable dessert-like Scottish shortbread to the savory platter, you will love every part of it.

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Scottish Shortbread ©www.goodtoknow.co.uk

9. Magnificent coast and islands away from monotonous life

Does not this always happen that some interesting facts about a place urge us to go and explore the place that very moment? Likewise, Scotland has a lot in its kitty that will be a great excuse for us architects to book a ticket. 

You will fall in love with the 6,200-mile-long coastline having numerous breathtaking views. Along with this, Scotland is also known for its incredible 790 islands, yes, you heard right. And not limiting here, it presents you with countless lochs too just for you to have the best time away from your monotonous life. 

One of the Scotland Islands ©en.wikipedia.org

10. Glasgow or Edinburgh or BOTH! | Scotland visit

It will be a little difficult to decide which is your favorite unless we travel both. And architects only need a single reason to drive off to a new place and add them to our travel list, The blue corner has Glasgow, which has plenty of jaw-dropping modern marvels by famous architects Sir Norman Foster and Gehry.

On the other hand, the red corner has the capital, Edinburgh, filled with history. Older than over 1,300 years, one can see beautiful museums, the town center, the great Edinburgh Castle, and more. So it is quite easy to add two more great cities to your list by visiting them both.

Glasgow City Chambers ©en.wikipedia.org
Edinburgh ©en.wikipedia.org

We highly recommend that Architects should add this destination to their lists and experience the beauty that Scotland has to offer.


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