The stories around the town planning of the Harappan architecture of the Indus valley civilization, the spatial perceptions of the rock-cut temples of the north, rows of sandstone Havelis in Rajasthan, the geometries of the south, the amalgamation of various styles everything deep-rooted in traditions, history and culture of the most celebrated nations of the worldIndia. It’s not only about the place, the people, the experiences, everything grants you a better story to tell. 

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Rumi Darwaza, the intricate gateway to the stories of old lucknow_©Source?

Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the southwest, the Bay of Bengal on the southeast and varied topography to the north, India experiences a wide range of climatic conditions and culture across a vast geographic style. 

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Hawa mahal, Experience how the breeze cuddles the sandstone_©

1. Hindu Temple Architecture  

From the simple rock-cut cave shrines to the intricate massive temples the Hindu architecture recalls the episodes from mythology. Influenced by the Buddhist stupas and later on by the arrival of Gupta architecture first free-standing Hindu temples were constructed with features such as towers and projecting niches.

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Traditionally carved Indo Aryan style Masroor rock-cut temple

Temples built on stone platforms with stones leading to it of the Nagara style and the temples within the elaborate boundary walls of the Dravidian style of south India are all the treasures of India’s culture and rich heritage. It recites the story of over two thousand years of evolution through religious thoughtfulness.

The beautifully carved network of caves on the Elephanta island of Maharashtra, the monolith rock-cut temples of the Pancha Rathas of the Mahabalipuram everything adds to the grandeur of India.

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Indian heritage
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Indian heritage

2. Indo Islamic Architecture 

The amalgamation of Islamic architectural elements into the Indian style leads to the evolution of wonders into the architectural world. Bold contrasting colors of masonry, with red sandstone and white marble marks the label of a new Indian era.The high domes with pillars around it, the large open courtyards and the high minarets aesthetically and functionally adds to the beauty of the Indian context.

The reflection of the epitome of love, the Taj mahal in river Yamuna, the highest brick minaret of the world, the Qutb minar proudly presents India in the world of architecture.

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Indiaan heritage×1152.jpg
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Indian heritage

3. Indus Valley Civilization

The mysteries behind the vast civilization of the ancient world built around  river Indus with the stories of the great farmers and the evolution of the modern world, attracts archeologists and architects from across the globe. The first planned cities, the mud houses and many more details from the deckled edges of Indian history.

The most interesting quest for architects is to understand what is behind what they see, the analysis of anything and everything is the method of learning. Get into the root to understand its importance in the modern world. Get ready enthusiasts to relearn something from our old history textbooks.

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Indian heritage,w_1920,f_auto/A-Alamy-BBXRR0_l43ckv.jpg

4. Indo Saracenic style

The revivalist architectural style used by the British architects decorated with classical elements of India marked a new era of western influences in India. The new blend of style is a hybrid of architectural elements of Hindu and Mughal periods. Whether it is the bulbous dome or the overhanging eaves, the vaulted roofs or the harem windows, everything is deep rooted into the careful analysis of different parameters.

The colonnaded balconies of the secretariat building in New Delhi and the onion domes of the senate house at madras bring in the value of a mixed culture. 

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Indian heritage

5. Rajput Architecture

A keen sense of beauty in art and architecture is seen in the temples, forts and palaces built by the Rajput’s-  The son of king. The complex compositions of the Rajput palaces with an inner citadel surrounded by the city and enclosed by fortified walls as at Chittorgarh and Jaisalmer shows the power of a built city. The forts at Bharatpur and Deeg protected by wide moats represent the elegance and need of protection of princely states and kingdoms.

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Indian heritage

6. Indian Vernacular Architecture

The unschooled architects who play with local materials to make functional structures for them are the fathers of vernacular architecture. In a vast country like India with varied climatic conditions, the designs are strongly influenced by the availability of materials, the microclimate, and the culture of the specific regions. The form of a building plan is correlated with the cultural, historical background and planning traditions of a particular region. 

From the havelis of Rajasthan to the courtyard houses of Kerala the importance of climate responsive architecture is seen.

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Indian heritage

7. The mountains are calling

Architects are synonymous with travel. There is a special gene in every architect to seek adventure and the pleasure of experiencing new things. A journey to the highest motorable roads enclosed by snow filled mountains – yes, Ladakh is truly an explorer’s paradise. Let your imagination go beyond your brain. The languages, the people, their culture and of course the cuisine everything will boost the architect in you. Just take a break and go for a ride.

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Indian landscape

8. The stories told by the streets

The blend of architecture amidst a buzzing city, streets with the art decos makes Mumbai the most happening city. To take a stroll along Sarojini Naidu’s “Bazaars of Hyderabad” with the crown of flowers and listening to the spells of magicians or the bells of pigeon looking for the hyderabadi pearl the lively streets surely awaken the poet in you.

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Victorian terminal×1200/Victoria_Terminus_Bombay_India.jpg
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Indian spices
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Indian Bazar

The mouth watering “pani puris” of lucknow streets or the explorers paradiseHampi will truly merge the storyteller and the architect in you!

9. The cup of Love

For some, it’s coffee and for others, it’s ‘chai’. The color of true love, the scent of roasted coffee beans is the perfect partner for a game-changing experience. How about brewing your own cup of love in the state of Karnataka or in the hills of Nilgiri? Why don’t you try and find out your customized mix of life?

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10. The Darwazas of an incredible culture

Knock the doors. It will get unlocked for the deserved. It’s not only about the intricate carvings or the great designs, it’s about the storiesthe stories told beyond the limits, the stories of the people, the culture…It has life in it.


A sense of mystery…there is something choreographing our movements. Yes, the doors are opening for you. Go. Go steadily and find your treasure.


She is an architecture student hailing from the small state of Kerala, in India. Writing has always been a passion for her and combined with designing, became the underlying rationale which led to the field of architecture. The thought provoking stories told by buildings and their surrounding environments brews her to be a storyteller.

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