Vibe Guide gives a new meaning to the variables of an ordinary map that are ‘distances’ and ‘places’; linking them with ‘lifestyles’ and ‘happenings’ in the city in a miniature reality independent of time. It focuses on experiencing the momentary behaviors of individuals and communities that define them and how they coexist in the context of the city and architecture.

Project Name: Vibe Guide
Studio Name: EKA Creative Studio

Vibe Guide by EKA Creative Studio - Sheet3
©EKA Creative Studio

It is the mood (guide) map of the city with various behavioral patterns caused by each place. Most of us can be different people in the city, in different neighborhoods where each different life is lived and we can easily observe differentiated lifestyles like ourselves.

Sometimes it is enough to hop on the subway and travel for 10 minutes to see this variability. Based on these experiences, why not make a city guide where distances are taken out of the equation? A living space where we can analyze and experience the dominant characters of compacted districts!

Vibe Guide by EKA Creative Studio - Sheet5
©EKA Creative Studio

Vibe Guide throws you away from your time into a compressed new reality with a thousand
dissimilar souls falling and getting up in the urban chaos. It doesn’t matter where you go or who you really are. How you define yourself in the city (your vibe) gives you life in this reality.

So who would you like to be?

Are you a college student sitting in a gen-Z type of 3rd generation coffee shop by putting on airs until you reach the highest amount of heart-throbbing? Are you a white collar worker who make summer plans that has endless revisions? Or are you a teenager playing guitar on the subway, infused with the spirit of the bohemian lifestyle? Are you a hopeless lover who puts on your tinsel and insists on ‘I will go up to Galata Tower with my darling’ today?

Vibe Guide by EKA Creative Studio - Sheet6
©EKA Creative Studio

It doesn’t matter, you belong here now. Have fun!

On our journey with Vibe Guide, we will look at the city from different perspectives and we will be your guide in this compressed reality.


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