Garden Rooms are one of the latest projects launched by UK-based family business Quick Garden. Quick Garden launched back in 1993. At the time, the project had one mission: to create pre-fabricated modular log cabins that would get people back into nature. Since then, it’s served over 26,000 customers across the UK and EU.

Since then, Quick Garden has situated itself as a leading name in garden pods and glamping structures. If you’re on the hunt for a pod for your garden, you can choose it here from categories like offices, gyms, studios, and contemporary designs. Each type offers dozens of variations, which let you get granular with each feature and amenity.

Both compact and practical, Garden Rooms by Quick Garden have become one of the most popular solutions for outdoor lodging and living.


Quick Garden’s Garden Rooms are each 5m x 3m, which makes them suitable for plots of almost any size. As mentioned above, the company has designed different models that suit a list of different needs. Traditional garden rooms can serve as storage—or as areas for private projects like studio photography.

Garden office rooms, on the other hand, are customized with open floor plans, while also being chic and modern. The idea is to get out of the office and into the garden—even while on the clock. Meanwhile, Quick Gardens’ gym pod makes it easy to dedicate space to training and fitness. With varying sizes, athletes can choose which model is right for their needs.

Another core feature of the Garden Rooms’ design is its eco-friendly sourcing and building mission. Since launching in 1993, the company has since racked up a 4.9/5 rating on Trust Pilot, highlighting its dedication to quality.

Building Materials

Quick Garden’s Garden Rooms are designed for convenience. The pods are built out of high-quality conifer timber, such as spruce, pine, and cedar. Not only does this give each room a light and airy quality, but the timber also tends to be aromatic.

Depending on the room’s design, it might include floor-to-ceiling windows, single or double doors, and an open layout. All building materials are designed for optimal insulation and energy usage. Specifically, the Quick Garden team uses interchangeable walls for building customization, along with bitumen shingles for their rooftops.


All Quick Garden rooms come with a ten-year guarantee that protects buyers from things like wood rot. Additionally, the Quick Garden team arrives ready to install their garden rooms. Each part is labeled and numbered in terms of sequence—just in case any buyers want to put together their room by themselves.

Once built, Garden Rooms can serve just about any function, which is what makes them so attractive. Given Quick Garden’s mission to create spaces with plenty of natural light, the rooms can serve as more than an office, gym, or storage shed. In fact, some create personalized lounging areas that let them spend more time in the garden. Others build out unmatched guest houses for their visitors, which provide a unique place in the garden with a bit of ad


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