The world has seen rapid growth in industrializations and population in the 20th Century that has impacted the world in various ways. We have seen urbanization become so rapid with growing industries and construction of buildings, due to which the environment has lost its greenery and even has made people so busy in their lives that they do not have time to interact with each other and have a peaceful time. The world has now become a concrete jungle with tall buildings standing at every corner of the street which also impacts the city conditions and also the mental health of the citizens due to lack of green space in the city. The dramatic climatic changes experienced globally, we as architects should work on creating green cities to restore the imbalance of extreme use of harmful substances in our environment while constructions. 

10 Ways to turn a city green
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10 following ways to turn a city green is a guide on how as individuals and as city builders we could work together to make the city greener and sustainable for living.


Concrete buildings standing at every corner of the street with no green spaces in societies, the world has lost its soul. Building community parks in every society helps bring in soul to the environment and works as an interactive space for people in the community to come together and spend time together.


The concrete structures often look unattractive to the eyes and do nothing for the environment as well. Adding in green will attract wildlife and help the environment by emitting oxygen back in the air. Adding vegetation on rooftops and balconies will help in greening the city. adding in the plant even provides psychological benefits to the people.


Introducing Smart energy policies in the city will help the city turn greener. Renewable energy sources help in generating electricity and do not release harmful gases to the environment. solar panels installed on the roof, energy generated through wind and water, and energy through biodegradables help in keeping the environment eco friendly and benefit its people.

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The population is increasing day by day and hence the use of cars is also increasing which releases harmful gases in the environment. Creating bicycling lanes and encouraging people to use them helps create the city greener and keeps the user healthy as well.

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Recycling waste products and using them helps keep the city green and the environment eco-friendly by reusing the old products again in a creative way. Reducing the use of energy sources that releases harmful gases and pollutes the environment.

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Taking care of the urban plants and managing the tree populations in urban settings help in improving the environment and helps the city stay green. It improves the air quality in the surrounding. The act of urban forestry also helps improve the mental health of people in fast-paced life in the cities and even provides potential habitat for urban wildlife. 


Car transport has become very common around the world that causes traffic and releases harmful gases in the environment which also impacts human health and also affects city life by destroying peace. Fewer trees in the city also enhance the effect of personal transport in the city. By integrating efficient public transport reduces the release of gas in the surrounding and also saves time in reaching the destination due to less traffic.


Amid all the skyscrapers and busy roadways in the city, we need to build quality Public Spaces where people can take a walk and happily gather. A pedestrian path in the city encourages people to get around the foot, also reduces the need for large private dwellings by creating communal space for people to enjoy.


Good planning is the key to a green city. By making a space renovate or design for mixed-use for people and recycling the existing space that’s already woven in the urban fabric and making it easy to get to and get around for the people of the city. With this approach, it helps the people migrating to the city for jobs to have the opportunity to earn money.


The city life is considered to be busy hence when going green it does not only mean to make the city green and create parks but also create opportunities for the people to have fun while going green. celebrating eco-friendly lifestyles of the farmer’s market and exhibiting ecologically-minded artists that promote the idea of going green. 

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Areeba Rizwan is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Architecture. She is a travel enthusiast with an interest in learning about architecture through different mediums.An avid reader who likes to scribble her thoughts and ideas on paper and believes that architectural writing is an important part of learning.