PDD group ltd. is a product design firm with a worldwide reach focusing mainly on healthcare, industrial, consumer and commercial designs. With multiple awards including the infamous Red Dot Design Award and German Design Award, their focus is to create an all-round product which ensures quality and sustainability while maintaining economies of scale.

1. Merck Serono Easypod Auto-Injector

Merck, the pharmaceutical conglomerate collaborated with PDD group to make the Easypod, a first of its kind growth hormone auto-injector device. Being the first electronic device in therapeutic treatment, the product is designed after constant improvement and intense R&D conducted between the pharma giant, PDD and the consumers. The design has a friendly interface with a usable product type, making it easy for people to use the device. It controls traceability, dosage, safety while complying to medical guidelines. It goes a step further by addressing sensitive issues like needle phobia and child-friendliness of the device. The Easypod won the International Forum Design Award in 2008.

PDD Group Ltd- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet1
Injecting with the Merck Serono Easypod ©PDDinnovation.com
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Simple and user-friendly design language ©Dexigner.com

2. Philips Water Dispenser ADD6910/90

The DFA design award-winning water dispenser has a minimal aesthetic that reflects the Asian culture. The product has an inbuilt RO, UV and heavy metal purification. It is installation free, movable and occupies a smaller footprint which is perfect for contemporary households. The dispenser also solves the messy filter cleaning process through mindful design- a single filter in this dispenser replaces multiple ones which is deployed generally. Touchscreens measure the tank purity levels; the variable spout height accommodates placement of the unit at countertops making it ergonomically efficient. It could also provide hot water in just 3 seconds. The neutral colour palette ensures the device fits into all spaces without disturbing the existing aesthetics while the metal trim adds to the beauty of the device. All the luxury does come with a hefty price tag as the product is targeted at affluent Asian families.

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contemporary and ground breaking ©DFAA.com
PDD Group Ltd- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet4
Single easy access filter sieves the competitors out of business ©DFAA.com
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The dispenser sports a transparent back for access to water tank levels ©DFAA.com

3. Akmon Anti-Pollution Face Mask

Akmon approached PDD group to design a face mask before the pandemic as the ones flooding the market were uncomfortable, unfashionable and merely functional. Designed with handpicked rayon and nylon materials, it has filters that can be inserted in the mask along with inbuilt valves which improve the airflow while filtering pollutants. The face mask is available in three sizes and nine different colours.

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Multiple filters that protect your lungs ©Akmonconcept

4. Monsieur cuisine

PDD group and Lidl collaborated on their kitchen appliance series Monsieur Cuisine targeted at the European market. It won the prestigious Red Dot Design award in 2018. It makes cooking easier-it can steam, automatically cut ingredients and knead the flour. This design was the entry model to more automated kitchen aid designs which followed.

PDD Group Ltd- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet7
Multifaceted monsieur cuisine plus ©monsieur-cuisine.com
PDD Group Ltd- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet8
parts that make the machine ©Monsieurcuisine

5. Aqualisa Q 

Aqualisa, a smart bathroom equipment company has worked with the PDD group for two decades. Q, the Smart Digital Water Mixer is the latest addition to their lineup. Cleverly shaped like a Q, it has a small digital screen which controls temperature, mixes water within the shower and delivers hot water to the bather. It contains presets for the users, providing them with a dream bath with the click of a button. It also has timers to stop water, auto wake upsetting and a remote control setting in addition to customizable colours and shower models which suit your bathroom decor. 

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Contents of the box ©aqualisa.co.uk

6. Olympus i-Speed Video Camera

Olympus, an innovator in both consumer and industrial-grade camera devices, joined hands with PDD group to create a Visual Brand Language(VBL) for their high-speed camera range named i-Speed. The product was used for scientific and consumer use like testing and inspection, ballistic analysis and film production. PDD group was briefed to design a rugged and compact camera. This camera range has been sold to iX cameras recently.

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Cam on a tripod ©bvv.cz
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Monitor helps adjust focus ©qualitydigest.com

7. PitPatPet Dog Activity Manager

PitPatPet and PDD group developed a dog activity collar which could locate the pet with the app. It could manage multiple dogs with individual badges. The app could be shared between multiple owners and one dog tied to the collar. Data was collected on the extent of the dog’s movement and feedback will be given on how the pet’s health could be improved including food habits, thanks to a tie-up with a dog food company. The app also keeps account of the amount of food eaten.

PDD Group Ltd- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet12
PitPatPet app colour scheme ©pitpat.com

8. UnoMedical UnoMeter

This DBA gold-winning product designed by UnoMedical and PDD is a revolution to the healthcare industry. It ensures the hourly monitoring of bedridden patients. The pouch and system get together, reducing infection levels, improving efficiency. Since the launch, sales of this product has skyrocketed thanks to the consumer-centric design and patient safety factors like reduced infection rates considered while designing.

PDD Group Ltd- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet13
UnoMeter SafetiPlus ©pfmmedical.com
PDD Group Ltd- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet14
Unimeter ©PDDinnovation.com

9. Hozelock The Cloud

Bagging multiple awards like GLEE (Garden, Leisure and Entertainment Exhibition) in 2015 among others, Hozelock Cloud has helped garden owners manage their greens with the touch of a button. Equipped with cloud technologies and IoT connectivity, anyone can turn on, control and manage water flow in their piping systems. This comes especially handy when the user is not home. One Wi-Fi router can manage four different piping systems, control watering timings, and follow schedules.

PDD Group Ltd- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet15
Hozelock works perfectly in outdoors ©leekes.co.uk

10. Testo T870 IR Imager

PDD group and Testo have been in collaboration for 15 years, with T870 being the InfraRed imager which bagged the German Design Award. The product is used in the construction industry for inspecting HVAC systems, servicing of electrical and mechanical equipment including finding heat leakages of concealed piping. It has other settings like four different colour palettes, connectivity through USB and on-device image storage.

PDD Group Ltd- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet16
Testo T870 ©PDDinnovation
PDD Group Ltd- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet17
T870 side view ©Test-meter.co.uk

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