Creativity isn’t subjective. And Architects know this better than anyone. Our industry is bustling with artists having various talents. These talents combined with architecture, give us some distinctive and artistic architects. Here are 10 such women in Architecture, with distinctive and unique styles!

1. Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid - Sheet1
When Architecture and Fashion crossed paths

You can see curves in her designs, these designs are not only for the buildings but also for the body.Regarded as the – ‘Queen of Curve’ by Vogue, she also designed a space for herself in the fashion industry, be it working with the famous singer – Pharrell Williams for shoes or designing handbags. Her designs whether architecture or clothing is more than just fluid.

She was prodigious, and her sense of style was something extraordinary.

Here’s a list of her Fashion Collaborations:

Zaha Hadid - Sheet2
Zaha Hadid and Rem Koolhaas collaboration with footwear brand – United Nude Photo courtesy: Instagram
Zaha Hadid - Sheet3
Hadid and Pharrell alliance for shoes – Adidas trainers Photo courtesy: Adidas


Zaha Hadid - Sheet
Zaha Hadid and Bulgari’s original Photo courtesy: Bulgari’s original collection
Zaha Hadid - Sheet4
Zaha Hadid and Louis Vuitton for handbags Photo courtesy: Werner Huthmacher
Zaha Hadid - Sheet5
Fendi’s and Zaha Hadid – Handbag Photo courtesy: Fendi’s

2. Maya Lin

An Architect who is better known as an Artist

Maya Lin - Sheet1
mayalin with her artwork Photo by Special to the DemocratGazette

Her story must be known to everyone present in Architecture. She was not a trained architect when she won the competition. But now look at her – Projects filled with melody. When you visit her website –, You will be in awe, her projects speak music. Each project whether Art or Architecture has a distinctive note.

Here are some of her Projects –

Maya Lin - Sheet2
Photo courtesy: Maya Lin’s Studio
Maya Lin - Sheet3
Photo courtesy: Maya Lin’s Studio
Maya Lin - Sheet4
Where the land meets the sea
Maya Lin - Sheet5
Maya Lin - Sheet6
Garden of perception
Maya Lin - Sheet7
Eleven Minute line
Maya Lin - Sheet8

3. OdileDecq

A little French and mostly Gothic

Odile Decq - Sheet1
Photo courtesy: Columbia GSAPP.

Decq has stated that her philosophy on architecture is that a building ” has to be a place where people can move, live in good conditions, forget the hardness of the life outside, so it has to have a kind of humanistic approach…”A woman who was told that she would never become an architect now has – 16 Notable works and 41 Awards and Honours, OdileDecq is one of a kind, apart from being an Architect and an Artist, she’s an academic and an Urban Planner too.founder of the Paris firm, Studio OdileDecq (previously known as ODBC) and of Confluence Institute, she’s famously known for her goth appearance and is an inspiration for young women architects. Vanity fair declared her as one of the top influential French personalities in the world in 2017.

Odile Decq - Sheet4
Source – Past, Present, Future – PRESENT. Interview with OdileDecq
Odile Decq - Sheet5
Source – Past, Present, Future – PRESENT. Interview with OdileDecq

4. NeriOxman

She calls her animated approach to design ‘Mothering’

Neri Oxman - Sheet1
NeriOxmanPhoto  Credit Noah Kalina

She is an American-Israeli who won Vilcek Prize in 2014 and the earth award in 2009, has also served in the Israeli Airforce and relates her design to motherhood. Not only design and research, but she has also worked with fashion designers too. Her 3D printed designs are well known.

Neri Oxman - Sheet2
Zuhal,Photo courtesy: NeriOxman MIT edu : Projects, Photo by : YoramReshef
Neri Oxman - Sheet3
Qamar, Photo courtesy: NeriOxman MIT edu : Projects, Photo by : YoramReshef
Neri Oxman - Sheet4
Arachne, Photo courtesy: NeriOxman MIT edu : Projects, Photo by : YoramReshef
Neri Oxman - Sheet5
Arachne, Photo courtesy: NeriOxman MIT edu :Projects, Photo by : YoramReshef

Read her Interview with Elle here:

5. Jeanne Gang

Queen of optical poetry

Jeanne Gang - Sheet1
JeanneGang_2019copyright SaverioTruglia_crop (Harvard GSD)

Sketching vision from nature, she creates awe-inspiring places that join people, communities and the environment together. She not only runs her practice but also teaches at her Alma Mater- Harvard University. Her works are internationally known. Her work is not only known to Architecture, her ‘gang’ usually puts up exhibitions, researches and publishes.

Jeanne Gang - Sheet2
Baleinopolis by Jeanne Gang and team. Photo Courtesy: Studio Gang
Jeanne Gang - Sheet3
Stage Buoys by Jeanne Gang and team. Photo Courtesy: Tom Harris Photography Studio Gang
Jeanne Gang - Sheet4
Hive by Jeanne Gang and team. Photo Courtesy: Studio Gang
Jeanne Gang - Sheet5
ArcusCenter for Social Justice Leadership for FREESPACE Photo Courtesy: tudio Gang, Tom Harris Photography

6. AnupamaKundoo

Materials to reduce, Materials for a change

Anupama Kundoo - Sheet1
Anupama_Kundoo_at_Columbia_GSAPP photo by columbia GSAPP

Her approach to design is unique, her designs are mostly focused on- materials that reduce the environmental effect. Not only buildings, but she’s also focused on installations too, which is the open library, she writes too and one of her work is – Roger Anger: Research on Beauty

Anupama Kundoo - Sheet2
Books In Bloom Photo Courtesy: AnupamaKundoo, Photo by: Javier Callejas
Anupama Kundoo - Sheet3
High‐speed housing´ London Roca Gallery Photo Courtesy: AnupamaKundoo, Photo by: Susan Smart
Anupama Kundoo - Sheet4
Wall House One to One at La Biennale di Venezia. Photo Courtesy:
AnupamaKundoo, Photo by: Andreas Deffner
Anupama Kundoo - Sheet5
Installations Unbound, The Library Of Lost Books. Photo Courtesy:
AnupamaKundoo, Photo by: Javier Callejas

 7. Holly Hendry

I Dabble between formalism and representation – Holly Hendry

Holly Hendry - Sheet1
Holly Hendry  PhotographerTopherMcGrills

Listed among the 12 award-winning architects by arch daily, is the winner of Experimental Architecture Award. Based in London, her sculptural work, engagethe language of architecture and building to contest the definition of what space is, her design is filled with the idea of open cracks and rear spaces.

Holly Hendry - Sheet2
Cenotaph Photo Courtesy: Holly Hendry Photo by: Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial Photography courtesy of Pete Carr and Thierry Bal and Liverpool Biennial 2018
Holly Hendry - Sheet3
Homeostasis II  PhotoCourtesy:Holly Hendry Photo by: Photography courtesy of Pete Carr and Thierry Bal and Liverpool Biennial 2018
Holly Hendry - Sheet4
Keep Coffin  Photo Courtesy: Holly Hendry Photo by: Photography courtesy of Marcus Leith and Greengrassi
Holly Hendry - Sheet5
Pink On The Inside, Photo Courtesy: Holly Hendry

8. BrindaSomaya

Ethnic and Vernacular

Like her style, her designs are traditional and sustainable. From opening her first office at the back of her garden to being theChairperson of Board of Governors for School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada, she is lauded for her sense of style, and her designs. Not only this, according to an interview she gave to she has high hopes of seeing India on the world map of Architecture.

Read her full interview here :

Brinda Somaya - Sheet1
Tradition, love for one’s country is not only in her work, but also in her persona too.
Brinda Somaya - Sheet2
Somaya at 6th LafargeHolcim Forum for Sustainable Construction – Cairo, April 2019 Photo by :AnushreeFadnavis
Brinda Somaya - Sheet3
BrindaSomaya, has travelled extensively, whether Greece or Antarctica – Photo Courtesy: BrindaSomaya
Brinda Somaya - Sheet4
BrindaSomaya in front of her Artwork, Photo: DaneshJassawala

9. Frida Escobedo

Simplicity, Wellness and Enjoying what you do is all about Frida Escobedo

Frida Escobedo - Sheet1
A dash of modernism and Mexican

Based in Mexico, she travels between the USA and Mexico, her fondness of temporary structures, rose her to fame. Apart from her beautiful designs, her sense of style is eerily similar, she’ll like something like a piece of jewellery that creates a pop, but her outfit, it has to be simple. It seems from her Interview to Vanity Fair, she is a big fan of Aesop, and likes to wear simple and comfortable clothing.

Read her full interview with kinfolk here:

Frida Escobedo - Sheet2
Frida Escobedo in conversation with GaliaSolomonoff, Columbia GSAPP.
Source :FlikrPhotos, Columbia GSAPP
Frida Escobedo - Sheet3
Escobedo inside her own design Serpentine Pavilion.Photograph by pedrokok. Courtesy of aesop
Frida Escobedo - Sheet4
Photography by: ZoltanTombor

10. Eva Franch IGilabert

She’s the one for Architectural Education

Eva Franch - Sheet1
Eva Franch i Gilabert. Image © Daniel Hambury/@stellapicsltd  Source : Dezeen

When the world is changing why Architecture and Architectural Education isn’t? She asks. The sagacity of historical responsibility and essential playfulness in design has deteriorated badly, everyone is either shifting to avant-gardism or common practices like sustainability. AA is one school in which the students vote for the new council and director, Eva received – 67 %, highest majority.

Eva Franch - Sheet2
Photo courtesy Eva Franch i Gilabert , for The Pin up, Portrait by : Therese and Joel
Eva Franch - Sheet3
Photo courtesy Eva Franch i Gilabert , for Financial Times photographed for the FT by Omar Khaleel
Eva Franch - Sheet4
Eva Franch i Gilabert for Cultured Mag.
Eva Franch - Sheet5
Photo courtesy Eva Franch i Gilabert

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