Architectural competitions provide a new scope for design innovation and recognition. Conceptualized around welcoming fresh perspectives and design solutions for proposed projects of the sponsor, these are crucial for practicing architects to gain exposure and opportunity.

With formulated guidelines by coa or iia (in india), and a proposed tender and winning prize money, architectural award competitions are very prominent for construction of public or governmental buildings. In fact, the sydney opera house and white house are a result to winning competition entries.

A list of upcoming, eminent architectural competitions has been discussed in this article.

1. Home of 2030, riba design competition

Submission deadline:  13th may, 2020; 14:00

The concept promotes an elderly-sympathetic and efficient housing designs to cater to the need of old-age housings in england. This open competition prioritizes a low carbon footprint, healthy living design solutions, whilst meeting proper living standards.

2. Best architcts’21 award

Submission deadline: 6th may, 2020
Announcement of awards: 29th june, 2020

One of europe’s prestigious honors, this award recognizes firms and professionals for their excellence of work in residential, commercial, industrial projects throughout the year; thus, officially rewarding fame and recognition to the winner.

3. Architectural competiton: pedestrain bridge over the nile

Submission deadline: 01st september,2020
Announcement of awards: november,2020

The competition invites out-of-the-box ideas for a pedestrian-exclusive bridge over the river nile that connects both the busy, public centers on either sides of the bank, while simultaneously providing fresh cultural and interactive spaces over the bridge. The design seeks consideration of people’s lifestyles and heritage, while merging them with modernity.

4. Restaurant & bar design awards 2020

Submission deadline: 17tharpil,2020
Announcement of awards: october,2020

This globally popular competition recognizes the best designs of hotels and bars and similar food-oriented spaces. This is the twelfth consecutive year of the organization of this award.

5. Radical innovation award 2020

Submission deadline: 23rdapril,2020

Targeting the hospitality design categories, this competition challenges designers and architects to come up with sustainable and extraordinary concepts for health and travel based spaces. With a prize sum of upto $10,000, this award is of a grand magnitude in terms of recognition and exposure.

6. Architecture at zero,2020

Registration deadline: 28thapril,2020

Launched by aia, california, architecture at ‘zero’ literally focuses on ‘zero net energy’ in building construction designs; especially for residential and commercial projects coming up in california. With have an esteemed jury panel to judge the entries, the competition accepts entries from students and professional all around the world.

7. R+d awards 2020

Submission deadline: 8thmay,2020

These awards, organized by the magazine acknowledge varied works in architecture, design, construction and building technology categories. Open for all, the award accepts entries from all around the world, regardless of the scale and nature of the design.

8. Red dot design concept award 2020

Submission deadline: 15thmay,2020

Falling in the ‘idea/ design concept’ category, the entries can be submitted to provide different design solutions for almost any problem. This competition is a broad call for all architectural firms, designers, professionals, communicators etc. From around the place.

9. Dezeen awards 2020

Submission deadline: 9thjune,2020

Administered by the magazine, and with a jury panel of consisting 75 international architects, that also includes renowned architect normal foster, the awards call in submissions for various categories ranging from best studio work, interior designs, architectural and construction work.

10. Creative communication award 2020

Submission deadline: 31stjuly, 2020

Inviting communication design from across the globe, the c2a awards judge the submission for innovative ideas and out-of-the box creative solutions of design. Not only limited to professional architects, these awards also welcome entries from graphic designers, freelancers and students too.

11. Architecture masterprize 2020

Submisson deadline: 30thjune,2020

The award aims to promote the work done in the field of architecture, landscape and interior designs worldwide. It searches for exceptional yet original creative concepts along with the quality and work of the project submitted.

12. Design value awards 2020

Submission deadline: 25thjune, 2020

These awards, open to all consultants, government agencies, non-profit organizations and corporation have been organized by the design management institute. Clear by the name of the award, the participating entries will be judge for their ‘value’ of design quality and management.

13. Good design 2020

Submission deadline: 01stjune, 2020

The chicago athenaeum museum of architecture and design has announced the 70th edition of the awards this year. This internationally acclaimed, prestigious award categorizes excellent work in product design and packaging.

14. Idcs design excellence awards 2020

Submission deadline: 15thmay,2020

The interior design confederation, singapore invites the best of interior design works in commercial, residential, hospitality and public projects realized in the asia-pacific region. Headed by a design jury, the awards are finally presented after a vote, by the public.

15. Detail prize 2020

Submission deadline: 30thapril,2020

Focusing precisely on the architectural and technical qualities on the entries submitted, the competition invites all the architects, civil and structural engineers. Prizes are awarded for future-oriented, innovative projects that go beyond the established standard, for the submitted buildings, which can be located anywhere.


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