Architecture Quotes are a great way of expressing your interests and opinions in your portfolio, using ideologies explained by visionaries preaching it.

If there’s anything famous architects tried to teach us over the years is to never underestimate the power of design. Iconic architects such as Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, or Le Corbusier became famous for their intuitive thinking, out-of-the-box approach, and stunning projects but the legacies they entrust us with are far greater than that. It’s perhaps their words of wisdom that inspire us the most. Following are the 50 Architecture Quotes that you should know:

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1. “An idea is salvation by imagination.”  – Frank Lloyd Wright

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2.“As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.” – Norman Foster

3. “To create, one must first question everything.” – Eileen Gray

4. “There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?” – Zaha Hadid

5. “Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves” – Julia Morgan

6. “Architecture starts where you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins” – Ludwig Mies van der rohe

7. “Architecture is an expression of values” – Norman Foster

8. “Architecture is the triumph of human imagination over materials, methods, and men, to put a man into possession of his own earth.” Frank Lloyd Wright

9. Architecture is the alpha principle of all arts” –Louis Ferdinand Celine

10. “Architecture begins where engineering ends”Walter Gropius

11. “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us” –Winston Churchill

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12. “The building is like a book. Its architecture is the binding, its text is in the glass and sculpture” Malcolm Miller

13. “I believe that architecture is a pragmatic art. To become art it must be built on a foundation of necessity”- Ma Yansong

14. “Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light” – Le Corbusier

15.Architecture is not based on concrete and steel and the elements of the soil. It’s based on wonder” –Daniel Libeskind

16. “God created paper for the purpose of drawing architecture on it. Everything else is, at least for me, an abuse of paper” – Alvar Aalto

17. “Less is more,” – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

18. “ Architecture Aims At Eternity” – Christopher Wren

19. “ Architecture is the reaching out for truth”– Louis I Kahn

20. “Each new situation requires a new architecture” Jean Nouvel

21. “Form ever follows function”-Louis Henry Sullivan

22. “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” –Frank Gehry

23. “The architecture we remember is that which never consoles or comforts us” –Peter Eisenman

24. “The mother art is architecture. Without the architecture of our own, we have no soul of our own civilization.” –Frank Lloyd Wright

25. “Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space… On the one hand, it’s about shelter, but it’s also about pleasure.” Zaha Hadid

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    No Architecture, no life.
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