Architecture is a subtle combination of scientific techniques finessed with the delicacy of aesthetics, as believed to be a predominant ideology among majority practicing architects. It is an artistic alloy crafted out of the arrays articulated as climate responsiveness, sustainability, and structural stability or in genuine concepts like blobitecture, de-constructivism, parametric, traditional and so forth…With the churning of the commercial wheel, Architecture has been bestowed with both the curses and the benedictions of this technologically influenced world, that have aided to supplement the study and practice with a greater number of apparatuses, solutions, and ways to deal with the shortcomings. One such contemporary sprout that has shown a promising endeavor in this built cosmos is Architectural Communications.

Architectural Communications: A new rafter in the Architectural Truss!

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Primarily evolved around widespread disperse of the whereabouts and design detail of divergent structural gems; Architectural Communications utilizes Avante-grade socializing methods and strategic documentation processes to achieve its desired objectives. It has proven to be a successful modem via which names eclipsed behind the creation of the prodigious urban façade, enveloped around us, can reach their deserved epitome. An inter-connective network, fostering a pertinent exchange of information between the plethoric Design conglomerates, with the media associations of the world and within themselves; is what this unusual cascade called Architectural Communications wants to impart to the Sea of Building Compositions.

Architectural Communications: A new rafter in the Architectural Truss!The audience and providers in focus…

The cadre of Communications in Architecture can be defined as being for architects…of architects…by architects. The same can be perceived through the fact that the field is conceptualized and catered to by a group of architects with comprehensive documentation skills and an innate knack for creating a cognitive network with dynamic individuals from varied corporate work zones, including media personnel, PR Managers, Event Organizers, Publishers, and Photographers. Further, this service is stipulated orderly for Architects, Designers, and Brands; believing in either a trending vogue or a traditional opulence, connected through the passion of amplifying the magnificence of the concrete edifices. Irrespective of the typology of structures that a designer or architect believes to be his forte, elucidating the saga of the entire process: from the first conceptual sketch to concocting a relatable theme and style, further rendered to visualize the idea in three-dimension and finally implementing it on the field for its complete realization – forms the crux of Architectural Communications.

Architectural Communications: A new rafter in the Architectural Truss!A requirement…

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The primary question that might intrigue the inquisitiveness about this exotic field is, ‘What is the requirement of such a domain within Architecture?’ As much as it is a matter of self-regard to be known for the architectural yarns a designer weaves, it is also imperative to have a distinct understanding of the perspectives of other architects and their rewarding principles. Architectural Communications sets out a requisite platform for a flourishing exchange of knowledge that comes handy to not only practicing architects and designers but also to educators, students, and amateurs on the verge of embarking upon the commercial arena. Enabling practitioners to deliver a commercially relevant and environmentally sustainable design proposal to clients, this platform thus proves to be integrally beneficial, to possess a defined insight of ‘what’s in and what’s out’.

As a matter of fact, it is an established aspect that the metropolitan milieu surrounding us is brimmed with glistening built examples that have been conceived and realized with dedicated tenures of time.  Each of these architectural forms can be philosophically ordained as pieces of poetry that can be expressed and perceived in more than one manner. Professionals lacking an understanding of the ideologies of Architecture might not accommodate enough vantage to the intricate detail segments, thus failing to transmit the intrinsic quality of the particular design at hand. Contrarily, an individual experienced in the field through theoretical study and practical exposure would be able to grant complete justice to the documentation process and convey the project in its complete glory.

With the advent of more number of Architectural Colleges, there has been a radical increase in the number of architects that are joining the fraternity, with an aim of creating spaces that yearn for timelessness and portray efficient functionality. The introduction of this new luminous opportunity will aid to present students and aspirants with an unconventional and economically stable option. This will tend to reduce the intense pressure on one stream of work while giving a chance to explore the infinite communicative talents of the budding architects.

Architectural Communications: A new rafter in the Architectural Truss!The Concluding Line…

Architecture is an ostentatious panorama with a Pandora’s Box full of baroque facets that are yet unknown to the people outside the fraternity. A transaction of design information, including the technicalities and elegance, is crucial and a prime requisite to achieve a balance of know-how. Architectural Communications is the most efficient and effective key that can aid in carving out the deserved crescendo for the numerous built marvels and maintaining the same with apt dexterity and nuance.

The Embassy of Media is an initiative by a group of architects and designers who work in and around the contemporary and perceivable urban façade: architects, designers, brands and every being associated with the panoramic field of ‘Architecture and Interior Design’. They aim to unburden the thoughts of these divergent masterminds‘while catering to applauding and popularizing unique ideologies through social media platforms, electronic & publication media, award nominations, design events, and conferences; thus bridging the gap between architecture and communications effectively.

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An architect by education, Ar. Bineeta Ghoshal has an immaculate interest in the genre of architectural journalism & communications, aiming to impart global residents with unknown facets of the built environ. She has worked with different architectural firms, gaining hands-on experience of the journey from a concept on paper to its constructive implementation.

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