The essence of being an Architect lies in the idea of understanding the various forms of life, such as people, lifestyles, cultures, and history of a place. Experiencing all of these personalities can not only shape the thinking abilities of any designer but also direct them towards a more holistic approach to the world. Travel is an integral part of an Architect’s life, which not only drives the adventurer in them but also broadens their knowledge by learning from the experts and their projects. Every architecture school promotes traveling as a medium of learning. It helps in developing a critical thinking approach and keep in knack with the on-going trends as well as understand the realms of possibilities in the field. 

Mentioned below are the 10 most influential Travelers who use YouTube as a platform to showcase their stories.

1. Donot settle

Donot settle is the only YouTube channel based on travel made by two Architects from TU Delft. They started making videos with an attempt to change the way we see the world. With such a varied background, the videos depict the unique ensemble which not only adheres to the adventurer but also reflects on the city and its architecture, trying to arouse the geek in every Architect. They chose the journey to travel, explore, and display projects to the world through a new vision. They try to integrate the creation of identity, speak about the realms of architecture and urbanism, dynamics of the megacity, and showcase the lifestyle and human perception of the built and beyond. Through video blogging and map presentations, they try to portray the aspects of the building which remain unexpressed through pictures. They also make videos explaining the journey and give tips to fellow travelers to have a smooth experience.

10 travelling youtubers that architects must follow! - Sheet1

2. Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky is a crazy travel fanatic who has traveled over 190 countries around the globe since 2012. He was bit by the travel bug during a semester abroad in Prague, where he got the opportunity to travel to 20+ countries. He is a passionate traveler who neglected a corporate job to become an English teacher in South Korea. In 2015. He started making videos and writing blogs which eventually helped in making money and traveling more. Over the years, he has gained immense recognition from various organizations such as Lonely Planet, Huffington Post, and many more. He also makes videos based on tips and travel hacks to engage more people and excite them to travel.

10 travelling youtubers that architects must follow! - Sheet2
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3. Vagabrothers

Marko and Alex Ayling are vagabonds behind the YouTube channel Vagabrothers. They are extremely high spirited travelers with an intent to bring people together and promote different cultures through traveling. They started making videos with a mutual passion and drive for travel. Marko is a writer and producer, whereas Alex is a filmmaker, editor, and photographer with an inclination towards storytelling and love for nature. Together they are a dynamic duo that creates cinematographic content and documentaries that share the hidden stories and break stereotypes. They aim to celebrate the differences around the planet and create stories.

10 travelling youtubers that architects must follow! - Sheet3

4. Fun for Louis

Louis Cole is a British travel enthusiast with an engaging personality and a dynamic look with flying dreadlocks which can be identified easily anywhere. He is one of the most active YouTubers and posts a video almost every day to keep his followers excited. The videos he makes are very raw and natural, which depict the essence and beauty of traveling. His charismatic content has attracted many subscribers. He also focuses on making videos that display the story of every aspect of an adventure, such as bus retreats and dogsledding.

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5. Lost LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc is a travel blogger with a passion that translates into everything he does. He is a content creator who not only displays his affection towards travel but also aspires to help other people through training sessions. His entire personality screams travel fanatic, which is seen in his videos and posts. He created a virtual community named ‘Team get lost’, which is a growing passionate group of travelers following Christian steps to become successful nomads and ignite their wanderlust. 

10 travelling youtubers that architects must follow! - Sheet4

6. Fearless and Far

With a fiery spirit to explore an unheard location, Mike Corey is an intense traveler. He aims to travel to the remote, undesired places around the globe. Corey is a marine biologist turned filmmaker who started traveling as a volunteer research assistant. He brought a camera along to every place he visited and won many travel video competitions which ignited the filmmaker inside him. Before joining YouTube, he created many short films for tourism brands around the world. He is an adventure addict who believed in understanding the roots and skins of the place and its lifestyle. His videos are crazy, just like his personality.

10 travelling youtubers that architects must follow! - Sheet5

7. The Planet D

Dave and Deb, the adventurous power couple started the YouTube channel to encourage everyone to travel and explore the world. With their motto ‘Adventure is for everyone’, they started making videos that were aired weekly that are filled with fun humor, and inspiration. They have traveled to 110 countries since 2012. They are trying to break the stereotype that travel is only meant for rich, adventure-enthusiasts, and millennials. With their website and many travel guide videos, they are inspiring everyone to taste the elixir of wanderlust.

10 travelling youtubers that architects must follow! - Sheet6

8. Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora is a globetrotter who has visited 55+ countries since 2010. She is a great storyteller and spokesperson for the travel world, encouraging individuals to live their dream. She has a fun and jolly personality, which is reflected in her videos. Her passion for travel and comedy is contagious and one can easily get addicted to her vlogs. The videos range from destination documentaries to lifestyle displays. She also does travel hacks videos to make it easier for people to travel. 

10 travelling youtubers that architects must follow! - Sheet7

9. Jacob Laukaitis

Jacob is a successful entrepreneur and traveler inspiring people for the past 7 years to live life on their terms. He is an adventure addict trying to make this world a better place to live in by helping people shape their lives. The most popular video series is his life in the most unique places. Unlike any other traveler, he aims to understand the lifestyle and the culture of the city by actually living it. He started to travel at the age of 19 and has been to 65+ countries till now. His travel stories are not just about the scenic views, they integrate the everyday life of people living in the city.


10. Living big in a tiny house

Owned by Bryce Langston, Living big in a tiny house is a YouTube channel about small spaces or houses owned by people all around the globe. He is extremely passionate about small space design and aims to identify tiny houses owned by families and alternate dwellings around and showcase it to the people. The channel is trying to break the stereotype of tiny homes as wooden RVs on wheels but as traditional households run by families. He notices and highlights interesting features and elements of the houses making them more efficient. The videos can help any student to understand the spatial organization of these houses and understand the efficient use of spaces and elements.

10 travelling youtubers that architects must follow! - Sheet8

Rachita is an Architect who has a keen interest in parametric design. She is passionate about travel and writing and believes that the world is made up of different stories, with both buildings and the people living within them. She desires to leave an impact through her design and stories.

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