“Architecture is but an experience”. This is something that is taught to us and how we learn throughout our architectural venture. At times our plans might get halted due to a rising pandemic which doesn’t mean we have to stop. Wait!! We are not suggesting breaking any social distancing norms instead of inviting those experiences at personal convenience. Every day is an opportunity to learn and what’s better than to learn it at our flexibility. This is why the online learning platform is on an exponential rise which provides all these perks and is conducted by some of the reputed and experienced expertise. For example, how often we can get a master class by Frank O Gehry in architectural online courses for a 100$.

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Talking about experiences and learning, we often come across designs that are built in such a manner that their twists and curves can often turn many heads in appreciation and wonder how these structures were designed. Parametric design is the term majorly used to describe such buildings. In the contemporary age, every major firm is trying to master and build such amazing structural feats, which are not just visually pleasing but are more functional than conventional architecture. For a designer being able to visualize and model those structures could be a killer skill set and can Fastrack your chances to work on such projects.

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Now that it has grabbed your attention you must be wondering how can I learn it all. Don’t worry we are here to help after searching for the best, we have compiled a list of some online architecture courses on a parametric design that will give you immense knowledge of the field and will teach you how to use various 3-D software that is being used by the industry leaders:

1. Parametric Design Fundamentals by MODE LAB | Architectural Online courses

Link: www.youtube.com/channel/UCFwIL20fwOmTUkxJgOPk5Jg

Whenever we have to learn something new, we often start with YouTube, and the same is the case with this course. Made by Ronnie Parsons, this course will give a brief introduction about what is parametric design, its origin, and its current meaning. This particular playlist doesn’t dive into the software but will teach you the basics. You can learn the software in another playlist of the same channel. It’s a great way to begin as it will help you decide if it excites you or not. Each video is 5 mins of a total of 5 in the English language and most importantly it is free. 

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2. Develop Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper by Stephen Boeykens– 

Link: www.udemy.com/course/develop-parametric-architecture-with-grasshopper/

This course is available on Udemy for a very affordable price and is used by many students across the globe. This course is updated timely according to the new requirements of the field. It comes with tutorials and resources and is perfect for those who are a bit familiar with the software and want to enhance their skills. The mode of teaching is in English. 

The objective of the course – “Learn to model freeform 3D with straight-forward example projects from real buildings, ready to apply in other projects.”

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3. Think Parametric | Architectural Online courses 

Link: thinkparametric.com/

It is a leader in the field of parametric design from basic to advance skills. This website will teach you parametric modeling from an array of software including Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, etc., depending upon our precious knowledge and preference. These courses are taught by industry experts to industry standards.

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4. Parametric design and optimization by Stanford school of engineering 

Link: online.stanford.edu/courses/cee220c-parametric-design-and-optimization

This is an initiative by Stanford University to bring world-class education to your convenience anywhere in the world. This course is usually held typically during the spring quarter and provides an online certificate for successful conduct. This course is divided into various topics so that people with various levels can attend.

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5. Parametric Design by Archistar//Academy | Architectural Online courses 

Link: academy.archistar.ai/streams/parametric-design

It is a brief course on parametric designs that teaches you various stages of design with a duration of 22 hours and a difficulty level of 2 stars out of 3.

Some objectives of course include – 

  1. Cycle through thousands – or even millions – of design variations. 
  2. Develop and create a design idea and many more”.
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6. Harnessing the power of parametric design in Grasshopper by Chris Rielly

Link: www.lynda.com/course-tutorials/Welcome/753900/3506190-4.html

This course is available on Lynda also known as LinkedIn Learning. It is an intermediate learning course and will have a single, in-depth project to build in Grasshopper. The objective of this course is to familiarize oneself with algorithmic designs.

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7. Introduction to parametric design in grasshopper for Rhino by Don Semple 

Link: blackspectacles.com/courses/introduction-to-parametric-design-in-grasshopper/

This project will introduce you to the basic theory and principles of parametric designs with a case study of its construction process, how to use 3-D software, and then how to implement them in a real project.   


10 Architectural Online courses for parametric design- Sheet9

8. Parametric design by RAT labs | Architectural Online courses

Link: www.rat-lab.org/winterschool2020

Rat labs conduct a series of workshops and courses as a part of its winter school program which offers interactive live sessions for students with professionals all around the world. It will also provide a certification by the completion of the course. It is open to all students, professionals, and designers.


9. The Grasshopper Bible: The fundamentals by Yuval Kahlon  

Link: www.udemy.com/course/the-grasshopper-bible-fundamentals/

This course is designed by keeping those who are very new to parametric design and grasshopper. The objective is to create a strong foundation by working on the fundamentals and then taking it to more complex algorithms used in the software. It is available on Udemy in the English language and is a bestselling course.


10. Algorithmic method of parametric design in Grasshopper: Beginner to Advance by Mesrop Andriasyan | Architectural Online courses

Link: www.udemy.com/course/grasshopper/

This course focuses on creating an algorithmic solution for complex forms. This is a course for those with a fundamental knowledge of parametric design with the grasshopper and basic geometry. It will also cover real projects and is suitable for all interested professionals.


We have an opportunity due to advancements in technology and resources to bring out the best possible outcome for us. To learn new things, which will not just enhance our skills but knowledge of our respective fields; at a time where we might have to rethink the way we design spaces for the present and future by working on fundamentals. We all can contribute as a resource by being more resourceful.