The National University of Science and Technology is currently ranked as the #1 university in Pakistan according to the QS Rankings (NUST, 2022). Amassing 23 departments, from engineering to business to social sciences to design, NUST offers a multidisciplinary environment for the students to unlock their full potential. To get an overview of student life, we’ll be delving into the perspective of a design student. 

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School of Art, Design, and Architecture

Commonly known amongst the university as SADA, this department houses the core of experimentation and creativity. Two types of students are constructing models in the wood workshop; they are either aspiring architects or industrial designers. When these students are not cooped up in design studios or workshops, you can find them by the pool or tennis tables scattered across the department. 

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Inside the design Studio _©Salman Afzal

The moment you enter a studio, you’ll often hear music from people clustered around tables or perhaps napping in the corner. The studio environment is flexible, encouraging the students to explore designs in multiple mediums. Some students work well with 3D models, while others prefer to showcase their process through sketches or painting. The designs start to take shape after collaborative discussions with the instructors and fellow students. Often, you’ll find juniors and seniors discussing their work to get as much feedback as possible and make the time spent in the studio constructive.

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Plaster Modelling Workshop on SADA _©Danish Habib

Besides the major design studios, SADA offers a variety of courses. For the 5-year architecture students, NUST offers urban design, environment systems, structures, social anthropology, housing, landscape design, and more. Similarly, 4-year industrial designers can opt for electives like jewellery design, print design, interior design, or automotive design. If the initiation of these courses seems too overwhelming, fear not! The department offers multiple starter courses like free-hand drawing and software tutorials. These equip you well in expressing your creativity. 

The department urges the interaction of multiple years through collaborative workshops, informative seminars, and even combined studio activities. The students are encouraged to participate in design competitions, and their work is displayed in national events such as the yearly IAPEX Housing Expo. Besides academia, students can join multiple social groups by applying for different roles.

Events and Societies

Societies provide the boon and bane of every student at NUST. From freshmen year, one can enter society as an executive and climb up the ladder to become president. The student community has societies that conduct weekly events, from scavenger hunts to concerts to seminars. These societies comprise several topics that the students are passionate about! From music, debating, technical amusement, community service, and to fitness, there is a society for it all. 

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The Music Society performing at an event _©NUST Music Society

The structure of the societies is interesting because you can opt to go into décor, finance, HR, Event Management, Resource Management, liaison, graphics, or photography, even if these positions aren’t related to your studies. It gives one training to interact with individuals from different backgrounds within professional settings, making one more perceptive of the outside world. 

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Sports Gala at the university _©NUST

Besides student-run societies, there are university-run events that happen over the semester. One such event is the Olympiad, a national sports event that invites students from all over Pakistan to compete in all kinds of games. These societies allow you to interact with different people united by common interests, providing you with the opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to try.

Campus Life

NUST is a universe of its own. As you go to class or grab a bite to eat, you’ll get to walk around several curated landscapes. From lush green grounds in the summer to the red of fall, the campus is very pedestrian friendly and makes you feel connected to nature all year around. To help clear your head, you can walk around NUST lake or even go to their hiking trail. There are even in-campus facilities to rent bikes and electric scooters! Want to relax indoors? No problem! Relax in the saunas in the sports complex or even go for a swim in the pool. Need that adrenaline rush? Feel free to access the campus gyms or ride horseback with saddle club members. Every day you can choose a new adventure.  

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Nust Lake _©Hamza Qazi

From day to night, the university is beaming with activity. One of the core aspects of any university is the hostel or dorm life. With the hostels inside the campus, all your departments and facilities are a walking distance away. Jamming sessions on terraces, late-night movie watching, or simply chatting about life under the open sky with your friends make up the average hostel experience.

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NUST Sports Complex _©NUST

Overall, the National University of Science and Technology provides a multicultural platform for students to interact and learn from each other while growing as individuals. It provides a safe and supportive environment for all academic endeavours with adequate facilities and helps you to grow as a person as you spend your years on campus.


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Sara is a final year student pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Pakistan. As an Urban Design enthusiast, her main interest lies in identifying the relationship between sociology and architecture. She believes that exploring rich dialogues between people and the environment are the catalysts for fostering healthy solutions to adversities.

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