Tsinghua University China, founded in 1911, is situated in Haidian District in Beijing. The campus is known for its breathtaking surroundings, embraced by a canopy of trees and time-honoured architectural complexes with different styles and features. The campus area is about 442.12 hectares, and the building area is approximately 287.64 hectares. It was also listed as one of the 14 most beautiful college campuses in the world by Forbes Magazine in 2010, the only one from Asia. Tsinghua University is one of the leading colleges directly affiliated with the Ministry of Education of China. The university currently has 21 schools and 59 departments with faculties in engineering, law, science, medicine, history, economics, philosophy, management, art, and education. International students can choose from over 60 undergraduate programs, 100 master’s degree programs, and 90 doctoral programs, among which 21 master’s degree programs and eight doctoral programs are taught entirely in English. In addition, more than 500 courses in English are available for students across Tsinghua University. 

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Tsinghua School of Architecture was transformed in 1988 from the former Department of Architecture and is currently composed of four departments, three practical professional sites, nine research institutes, and three ministerial labs. In addition, the Institute of Architectural and Urban Studies, the Research Centre for Building Energy-Saving, and the Center for Human Settlements affiliated with Tsinghua University is located at the Tsinghua School of Architecture. 

Courses Provided | Tsinghua University China

Tsinghua University offers four years of bachelor’s degree except for Architecture and Sculpture, which are 5-year courses. The School of Architecture UG department covers Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Building Environment and Energy Engineering programs. In addition, under the graduate programs are two courses, the English Program for Master in Architecture (EPMA) and the Master’s Program in Architecture-Future Human Habitat Design. Each is a 2-year course and has two semesters each year. 

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The Department of Architecture, founded in 1946, is responsible for the architectural courses providing bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programs. This department has 44 full-time teachers in five research orientations: Architectural Design and Theory, Architectural Design and Technology, Architectural Design and Society, Urban Design and Theory, and Architectural History and Theory. 

The Department of Urban Planning and Design at Tsinghua University began in 1947 and later initiated undergraduate and postgraduate programs in 1952. This department is responsible for teaching and researching urban planning and providing undergraduate, master’s, and PhD programs. The Urban Planning and Design department has 31 full-time teachers in seven research orientations, which are urban and rural history and theory, urban planning and management, regional planning, urban design, rural and urban heritage conservation, housing and communities, and urban planning technologies. 

The Department of Landscape Architecture at Tsinghua University, founded in 2003, is responsible for research and teaching in landscape architecture, providing master’s and PhD programs. The department has seven full-time teachers in five research orientations: theory and history of landscape architecture, landscape planning and ecological restoration, garden & landscape design, landscape architectural heritage preservation, and related technical sciences. 

The Department of Building Science was established in 2000 and is mainly responsible for the research and teaching in the Building Technology discipline and Thermal Engineering’s Building Environment and Energy Engineering discipline. This department at Tsinghua University now has 28 full-time teachers. This department has taken the leading position in several fields of study worldwide and domestically, including green building and building environmental quality, building energy efficiency, etc. 


There are various facilities in the campus area apart from the main building, like the art museum, gym, tennis court, swimming pool, sports field, student community activity centre, a hospital that provides both clinic treatment and hospitalization services, concert hall, auditorium, observatory, dining hall and on-campus accommodation which is the Zijing International Student Apartments. The apartment has a capacity of accommodating around 2000 international students, which is about 60% of the total students at Tsinghua University. The old gate in the Tsinghua Garden is a famous landmark and serves as the main entrance to the Tsinghua Xuetang (Tsing Hua Imperial College). Gong Zi Ting is the main building inside Tsinghua Garden and is the workplace for the university’s presidents and administrators. A new building is also built which multi-functions as canteens for students and professors, an office and service hall for the Tsinghua Career Center, a lecture hall and exhibition hall for the campus, and food storage for all the canteens at the centre of the Tsinghua University campus. 

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Extracurricular Activities 

Tsinghua University encourages diversity with 263 registered student organizations available on campus. These organizations can be classified into six categories, arts, sports, culture, science and technology innovation, public welfare, and quality development. According to recent statistics, almost every undergraduate student has joined at least 2 to 4 clubs during their education at Tsinghua University, and the count of members of all these organizations exceeds 34,000.

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Tsinghua University is dedicated to physical education and has many sports meets and games for students to participate in individually or as a team. For example, the ‘Ma Yuehan Cup’ is an annual sports event on campus during which student representatives from all departments compete in events such as track and field, ball games, and chess games. 


Tsinghua School of Architecture has a high reputation at home and abroad due to its high-quality education and research. Every year, graduate students from renowned schools from all over the world register for the programs at TSA. According to 2020 data, Tsinghua university has 53302 registered students, with 16287 undergraduate students, 1162 international students, 19726 postgraduate students, 1634 international students, and 17289 doctorate candidates, including 444 international students. Students have also found employment upon graduating either in China or abroad, in both professions, or as teachers or PhD students. In the International Assessment on the Academic Program of Architecture in 2010, Tsinghua School of Architecture was evaluated as having a “High Standing in the World”. 

Application Process | Tsinghua University China

  1. Online Application
  • Account has to be created in the Online Application System.
  • Application forms should be completed during the application periods.
  • Upload the documents that are mentioned.
  • Pay the application fee of 800 RMB online and apply.
  1. Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Application Review

Tsinghua University will evaluate applications submitted with the correct and complete information.

  • Integrative Test

After passing the Application Review, applicants will be admitted to the integrative test. The time and method of the integrative test will be informed in advance. Art division applicants will be notified about their test(s). Applicants who apply for the Architecture Division will go through a portfolio review.

  1. Admission Decision and Offer

The admission decision is based on a comprehensive evaluation of language ability, academic performance, supportive materials, and integrative tests. 


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