Donatella Versace, born Donatella Francesca Versace, is a fashion designer, businesswoman, socialite, and model from Italy. Ever since she was in high school, she has aspired to work in the fashion industry with her brother Gianni Versace. Gianni Versace founded the Versace brand in 1978. Donatella was hired as the vice president and worked closely with Gianni on all projects, including styling, branding, and creating the company’s handbags, shoes, and accessories. She successfully bid on the Milan palazzo at Via Gesù 12, which is now the Versace head office and showroom, in 1982.

In 2000, she was appointed creative director of the Versace brand. Donatella’s designs have a very edgy vibe, with lots of embellishments and crystals. She has also been recognized for her bold, bright colors and retro silhouettes.

  • Villa Mandadori, Lake Maggiore, Italy

A historic 15,000-square foot Italian villa overlooking Lake Maggiore, in the town of Meina, has a rich history and has been owned by famed Italian publisher Arnoldo Mondadori before Donatella Versace bought it for $5.6 million in 2019. The estate has served well-known personalities from the 20th century, including Thomas Mann, and Ernest Hemingway.  The fabled villa was built in 1906 as a private residence for the industrialist Giacomo Confini and his family. In 1935, the property was sold to publishing magnate Arnoldo Mondadori, who used it as a holiday home until the 1980s. It was then purchased by an Italian-Swiss couple before being put on the market in 2019.

An inside look at the houses owned by Donatella Versace - Sheet1
The pink stucco villa_©luxuo

The villa includes 50 rooms on four stories. There are also 12 bathrooms and 20 magnificent bedrooms. There is also a lovely garden, numerous balconies, a pool, a pond, and exclusive access to the lake that is shared by Switzerland and Italy. This lakefront villa‘s pink tones enhance its scenic appeal, and its regular interior is enthralled by 1920s-era symmetry. Despite undergoing extensive modifications on several occasions, the property nevertheless exudes a sense of what you may call natural paradise. A big guest house and a separate caretaker home are also included with the renowned property.

An inside look at the houses owned by Donatella Versace - Sheet2
Rooms inside the villa_©Engel & Völkers Lago Maggiore
An inside look at the houses owned by Donatella Versace - Sheet3
Rooms inside the villa_©Engel & Völkers Lago Maggiore

The verdant lushes encircling the stairway at the entry provide a majestic appearance. And the building’s backdrop of greenery makes it a perfect entranceway for those who adore the outdoors. This villa is a genuine diversion from the hustle and bustle of the city because it is elegantly furnished and offers recreational activities. A relaxing getaway from city life is provided by the modern, minimalist façade and high-tech conveniences.

The villa overlooks the lake_©Engel & Völkers Lago Maggiore

Key design highlights include a massive fireplace in the main living room that is covered in the signatures of prominent writers, writers, and scholars, in conjunction with its pink exterior and traditional Italian interiors.

An inside look at the houses owned by Donatella Versace - Sheet5
The fireplace which holds signatures from all its visitors_©Engel & Völkers Lago Maggiore
An inside look at the houses owned by Donatella Versace - Sheet6
One of the living rooms in the property_©Engel & Völkers Lago Maggiore
  • Palatial Milan Apartment, Italy

The palatial residence was originally owned by Gianni Versace, Donatella Versace’s late brother, and is situated in Milan, Italy. She has since been managing the estate with the utmost commitment and style. Upon entering the house, one is greeted by a broad hallway with white stone walls and a magnificent statue standing proudly in the center. A sitting area to the right of the lobby features a white marble floor, a low coffee table adorned with glossy fashion magazines, a dark wood bookcase stuffed with books, and a patterned velvet sofa. 

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Donatella Versace posing for an interview in front of her living room_©Vogue

The apartment’s large double doors open onto a sun-filled lobby with white stone walls and a white statue in the middle of a pedestal. A small sitting area leading off to the side features flowery print couches, a floor inlaid with geometric marble tiles, dark wood paneled cupboards, and low bookcases stuffed with framed pictures and massive coffee table volumes about fashion and travel. The garden contains lemon trees and numerous potted plants growing on either side of the doors with small marble seatings having colorful cushions. There is also a swimming pool with water cascading down from a sculpture of a woman’s head into a shallow reflecting pool.

Donatella in one of the living rooms with bookcases lined on one side_©Vogue

Next across the light-filled foyer is another queen-worthy room with a similarly tiled floor, statues strewn about, throne-like wooden chairs with rich red upholstery, an elaborately carved wood cabinet, and white stone carvings covering the walls. Then next is the dining room, where still-life paintings are hung on the walls and a small round table is set with gold and cream tablecloths, full place settings, pink rose vases, and tall candlesticks. The walls are covered with pattressata-style tiles in light hues. A low-level marble-top table with a pattressata pattern adorns the foyer and is usually set with a large vase of fresh flowers.

There is yet another opulent living room, this one is lined with numerous columns and features enormous bouquets of red roses in stone bowls on pedestals, gold couches, chairs covered in black leather cushions, and a black marble coffee table that holds additional books in addition to the album cover of Lady Gaga’s Joanne. There is an additional smaller sitting room (with wooden bookcases lining the walls, two bright red couches sitting on either side of an antique fireplace, and It’s a home befitting of a queen, specifically the queen of fashion.

The villa’s garden is full of different kinds of plants and cozy sitting_©Vogue

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