A 2 BHK apartment comprises two bedrooms varying from 700 to 1000 square feet. Small families or single flatmates mostly occupy it. Compared to studio flats, more space is provided in a 2BHK, making it more comfortable. The key to designing the interiors of a 2BHK house is to maximise space and allow movement. Choosing a style that suits your needs are also essential! 

Must-note Design Principles | 2 BHK Apartment

While planning the interior design of a 2BHK house, it is essential to consider the correct combination of colour, lines, texture, lighting and shape. Before designing any space, it’s important to identify elements that suit the room. Every element is crucial for the overall design, and it needs to work together harmoniously. It’s essential to find balance in the elements, highlight a few as a focal point, and work with scale and proportion to ensure the room doesn’t look odd when put together. 

Maximising your 2 BHK Apartment- Design Ideas and Tips - Sheet1
Interior Design Principles_©Akasa Rana

The following essential elements must be focused on:

  • Space: It is vital to understand the room’s area, both usable and unusable. The interior design should be balanced between the two rooms to create a seamless design.
  • Colour: While they fulfil an aesthetic purpose, colours also psychologically impact our minds. They can affect our moods, making us feel calmer with cool tones and upbeat with bright tones. 
  • Line: Utilising the line element in interior design helps define a space’s volume, visually impacting the viewer’s attention. For example, many lines used as a pattern can bring excitement.
  • Light: Whether natural or artificial, lighting sources can heavily impact the design as they help set the mood and draw the viewer’s attention to accentuated places.
  • Texture: The element of texture triggers our sight and touch senses. It is essential to influence the tone of the room.

Choosing the Style

It is essential to choose a style that compliments your lifestyle and preferences. A home’s patterns, colours and other elements can visually define your personality. For example, a traditional design is considered a melding of the timeless with a lot of emphasis on symmetry. However, the contemporary method comprises clean lines and elaborate textures for artistic statements. However, if you don’t have a particular style, you can try out various shapes, patterns, textures and more. Traditional or modern, bright or neutral, your home decor is based on your preferences. No matter which style you lean towards, making your 2BHK flat look like your Pinterest mood board is easy.

Maximising your 2 BHK Apartment- Design Ideas and Tips - Sheet2
Selecting an Interior Design Style_©Ernest Theofilus

Furnishing Tips | 2 BHK Apartment

To make the apartment look spacious and airy, clever furnishing hacks can help you out! Some of these tips are: 

  • Using mirrors opens up space and creates the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Floating shelves above the TV unit provide extra space and showcase decor.
  • By using sheer shaded curtains, diffused sunlight can be let in.

Kitchen and Dining Area

2BHK apartments are often equipped with small kitchens. To help save space, cabinets can be installed into niches. An open kitchen provides an elegant look, which can be topped off by adding a breakfast countertop for entertaining guests. Some other ways to maximise a kitchen’s worth in a 2BHK apartment are:

  • A cabinet with pull-out trays can be equipped as a counter for a bar.
  • Add a bench to your dining table with drawers. This furniture is detachable and can be used for additional storage and seating.
  • Using armless chairs with neutral colour palettes can give the dining area a sophisticated look.
Maximising your 2 BHK Apartment- Design Ideas and Tips - Sheet3
Interior Designing in Kitchen_©Olivier Blouin

Bedrooms | 2 BHK Apartment

While the bedroom might be small in size, it’s vital to ensure it is spacious. This means having enough space to store belongings but still be able to relax in a luxurious bed. Some tips to make the best use of the bedroom include: 

  • A wardrobe with sliding doors saves more space compared to front-open doored wardrobes. It would be best to consider having a full-length mirror in the closet to not worry about keeping one in the room.
  • Beds with built-in storage space can help with storing a lot of items.
  • By adding a wood-finished wall behind the bed, a feeling of warmth comes to the space.
  • Using overhead or pendant lights for night-time reading removes the need for a bedside lamp.
Maximising your 2 BHK Apartment- Design Ideas and Tips - Sheet4
Interior Designing in Bedroom_©Shane Lynam


Some tips to maximise the utilisation of your 2BHK bathroom are: 

  • Shelves placed above the toilet can stack towels and products.
  • Use of floating vanity unit to free up floor space. 
  • Separate the shower area from the other side through means of partitions. This gives the bathroom a private feel and keeps it dry. 
Maximising your 2 BHK Apartment- Design Ideas and Tips - Sheet5
Interior Designing in Washroom_©Gabriela Daltro

Other Tips | 2 BHK Apartment


Flooring is an essential factor in making the space feel big. Many flooring materials are widely famous and are regarded for various reasons. Laminate flooring is stain resistant and durable, while ceramic tiles look more elegant and require little maintenance.

Maximising your 2 BHK Apartment- Design Ideas and Tips - Sheet6
Flooring for Interior Design_©Hao Chen

Place Furniture Away from the Walls

Placing furniture in the middle of the room creates focal points in space. For example, setting a dining table in the centre of the dining room would give the room an open feeling. 

An Example of Prestige Tranquility in Bengaluru

The clients, Satish and Shweta Kanade wished for a space that gave a sense of warmth and comfort. For this reason, they wanted their cosy place to be clad with wooden elements and brown hues. The living room consists of a stone-textured wall—making it the focal point of the spacious room. The other walls sport a beige colour interrupted by the dark brown shades of the stands. The Kanades wanted a special place for their music system to be fitted to give them a theatre-like experience. To meet this brief, wooden rafters were equipped on both sides of their sofas to mount the speakers.

Prestige Tranquility- Living Room_©Sushritha Surya
Prestige Tranquility- Living Room_©Sushritha Surya

A nook was turned into a storage space, equipping it with transparent storage units on the wall and cabinets to hold crockery, books or artefacts! Spot lights were provided in these storage units to give them a feeling of warmth. Moving on to the kitchen, the family required storage to stock up on groceries and other essentials for their family of four. Topped off with a laminate finish, the cabinets were added to the top of the overhead ones, opening up a lot of storage space. The kitchen uses a neutral colour scheme, mostly cream and walnut colours. 

Prestige Tranquility- Storage Space_©Sushritha Surya
Prestige Tranquility- Storage Space_©Sushritha Surya

The bedroom also utilised a neutral colour scheme, influencing the illusion of a spacious and well-lit room. The patched armchair generates the only contrast in the room. Moreover, a light wood-coloured TV unit and a study table were included to keep the house theme continuous.

Prestige Tranquility- Armchair in Bedroom_©Sushritha Surya
Prestige Tranquility- Armchair in Bedroom_©Sushritha Surya
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