The Government of Rajasthan established the Indian Institute of Crafts & Design, Jaipur, as an autonomous institute in 1995 to work as a catalyst for change in the craft sector. Ambuja Educational Institute (AEI) has sponsored and operated the Institute since October 2007 under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. 

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The vision at IICD | Indian Institute Of Crafts & Design

The Indian Institute of Craft and Design is a one-of-a-kind institution that combines traditional knowledge and skills with the need to develop techniques relevant to modern India. Their central concept is to evolve a sustained curriculum of growth and development for the crafts sector and artisans in an integrated manner. IICD wants to generate necessary knowledge, upgrade relevant skills, and foster attitudes to develop high-quality, motivated human resources and change agents in a vibrant climate of experimentation and innovation. The Organisation contributes to value-based learning and knowledge development to revitalize the craft sector and become the Centre of Excellence in Crafts & Design.

IICD Jaipur invites students to experiment with their talents and discover their design approaches to the trade. Students participate in extracurricular activities and cultural events to commemorate and organize the student festival. A student can use their id to access the Wi-Fi facilities at any time on campus.

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The institute offers students at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels a variety of courses. Their main branches are a Bachelor’s Degree in Design called BDes, and a Master’s Degree in Design called MDes. They also offer a 3-year Masters in Vocation or MVoc. Students can take up their interests in different streams offered in these branches like Soft Material Design, Hard Material Design, Fashion Clothing Design, Jewelry Design, Fired Material Design, and Communication Design.

Campus life for students

The Indian Institute of Crafts & Design is situated in a tranquil area on the outskirts of Jaipur, making it ideal for students to build their distinct universe away from the city hubbub. The campus is attractively planted and surrounded by lush nature, creating the most suitable environment for students to connect, study, and explore. In their spare time, students may visit the pink city of Jaipur, known for its crafts and design, among other things.

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Through its different student groups, cultural events, and student engagement in fests and contests, IICD fosters co-curricular activities on campus for the overall dynamic growth of the student. Students at IICD are encouraged to explore their talents and develop their design approach to craft through regular engagement with craftspeople, industry experts, and domain specialists. The knowledge is applied in their diploma and industry assignments as well. Students participate in extracurricular activities and cultural events where they celebrate festivals and arrange the Chaupad student festival.

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Sports play a crucial role in developing the personality, health, and fitness of one’s own. The institute cares deeply for student recreation and participation in various games, sports, and field activities. The institute’s expansive grounds divide into play areas for basketball, volleyball, and badminton, among other sports. Yoga is promoted, and practice facilities are available on campus.

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Interacting with Infrastructure

The Indian Institute of Crafts & Design, Jaipur, provides all of the necessary amenities for students to have a positive academic experience. The site has a dormitory, canteen, library, workshops, and other amenities

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On campus, the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design dormitory provides lodging for female students. It is well-equipped with all necessary amenities and comforts, such as well-ventilated air-cooled rooms, RO and water cooler facilities, and a 24-hour power backup. In addition to these medical services, the hostel has a yoga instructor and a psychotherapist. Firefighting apparatus is provided on all floors of the dormitory to protect the safety of students.

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The Indian Institute of Crafts and Design facilities has a large, permanent canteen on campus that serves a range of healthy, hygienically cooked foods at reasonable prices. It can seat up to 120 people at one time. Breakfast, lunch, supper, tea/coffee, ice cream, snacks, and other items are available at the canteen. It is on the ground level of the female hostel building on campus. Inside the campus, near the main gate, there are two additional temporary restaurants.

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The library of the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design is fully furnished and covers over 1800 square feet. It provides students, instructors, institutions, alumni, artisans, and industry with digital access. It houses a large collection of Indian Art & Crafts, Design science and technology, Drawing & Sketching, Ceramic, Wood & Furniture, Textile Design, Paper, Metal, Jewellery, Architecture, Paintings, Photography, and allied subjects.

Placements and Scholarship opportunities at IICD | Indian Institute Of Crafts & Design

The placements unit of the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design provides training and organizes placement programs. The IICD has a centralized placement method for all programs. For campus placements, famous and well-established enterprises, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), designers, and social entrepreneurs are welcome. Many companies also provide students with pre-placement offers (PPO) during their internships or graduation projects. IICD graduates are well-versed in the nuances of craft, art, technology, and strategy necessary to understand the changing demands of the industrial and craft sectors.

The placements cell organizes placements for graduating students from a variety of post-graduate and undergraduate degrees to help them achieve their professional objectives and ambitions. Students at the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design go through a transformation that allows them to fulfill their full potential, polish their talents, and improve intellectually. 

The Indian Institute of Crafts and Design in Jaipur is a well-defined design institution that provides students with great education and abilities. Scholarships are awarded to students depending on their academic performance and financial situation. More information on the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design scholarship is provided below.

Financial Assistance in Collaboration with AEI: In partnership with Ambuja Educational Institute (AEI), IICD Jaipur provides financial aid to students based on merit and means. The financial help will be provided on an annual basis. Only chosen candidates are eligible for financial help with semester tuition payments. The financial assistance committee’s decision to give financial aid is final.

Students can look into a variety of IICD Jaipur scholarships granted by Ministries of the Government of India and other state government ministries, as well as educational loans supplied by banks. Indian Institute of Crafts and Design facilitates the process of obtaining education loans for students. The college cannot be held accountable if a student’s loan application is declined.


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