Architectural photography is a subcategory of photography wherein the primary focus is to capture the architectural structures and buildings. Architectural photographers are usually skilled and trained to use their specialized techniques and cameras for producing beautiful photographs. It’s not just about capturing design elements and technical representation of the building but overall pleasing aesthetic views to the viewer’s eyes. This field not only covers the exterior facades but also the stunning interiors of residential, commercial spaces such as offices, hotels, resorts, etc.

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There are various architectural photography courses which everyone should know about. Following is a list of 10 architectural photography courses which would inspire and help you to explore this field in a much better way.

10 Architectural Photography Courses

Immersion in Architectural Photography by Jesús Granada

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This course will teach you to write an architectural photography report from start to end. You will get to learn to analyze and plan narratives, various tools, and skills required while writing the report. Along with all this knowledge, you get some post-production tips too from the mentor. This course welcomes anyone who is connected with spaces, architecture students, professional photographers inclined to architecture, travelers, interior designers, etc who want to improve their reporting skills when they explore new spaces or scenarios. For joining the course, one must have a basic knowledge of photography, a reflex camera, and digital development.

Interior Photography by Tuca Reines

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In this course, Tuca will teach you to photograph the interiors of residential and commercial spaces, and the process of capitalizing on the space around you to find the perfect perspective, utilizing natural light. All steps will be covered from configuring your camera to the final edits of your photographs. By the end of this course, you’ll have learned all the steps to conduct a photoshoot in a residential or commercial space, under the guidance of an excellent professional. This course is for those who are interested in architecture and cities, as well as for passionate travelers, journalists, engineers, architects, interior designers, and those who want to photograph their homes or other interiors, to publish on digital platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

Post Production Techniques for Architectural Photography by Daniel Arango

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In this course, you will learn the process of preparation, from taking shots to obtaining final editing results on Adobe Photoshop to achieve a Fine Art aesthetic in your photography. The course is for photographers and visual artists, whoever wishes to learn a plethora of photography techniques, as well as editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop. As for tools, you’ll need a camera and a computer with Adobe Photoshop. A tripod, neutral density filters, and a graphics tablet are recommended.

Architectonic and Urban Photography by Nicanor Garcia

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You will learn to pay attention to the details of the streets through which you walk, discover the uniqueness of each building, its details, capture the people, take advantage of ideal light, and focus on each moment. This course will help you capture and edit photographs and narrate what you see clearly and intentionally through them. In this course, you will also learn to develop the process of pre-production of your photographs. The course welcomes anyone who is keen to learn more about urban photography and architecture. Photographers, travelers, reporters, architects, and any person who has an interest to photograph his city or any other city can join this course. The main requirement is the curiosity to explore. It is necessary to carry your own camera or at least a mobile phone and have a basic knowledge of image editing.

Abstract Architectural Photography for Instagram by Jack Fleming

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In this course, Jack will share all his original and unique techniques to create original compositions that are ready to post on Instagram. You will learn the ways to use your material and find the best angles to capture best shots of architectural structures and edit them on the apps to share your photos on your social media. This course is made for anyone interested in photography and architecture. You will need a camera (either digital or your phone), the Layout app (for compositions), Snapseed (for color editing), Adobe Photoshop or Light room, and a storage app such as Google Drive.

Introduction to Urban Photography by Pablo Casals

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In this course you will learn to build your vision and use the city as a laboratory, applying the techniques of Pablo’s work to create a photographic series based on the streets of your city or a specific structure. This course is perfect for all those people who are interested in building their vision and who want to start urban photography. To complete this program you will only need a lot of motivation and interest in urban photography. 

Architectural and Interior Image Processing in Photoshop by Nina Bruno

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The course teaches you to edit architectural and interior photos from beginning to end. Follow Nina’s instructions and discover ways to create a photo narrative featuring an architectural space of your choice and edit your images with the leading software in the market. This course is ideal for architects, interior designers, architectural photographers, engineers, and anyone keen to learn about the basics of architectural image processing. Basic knowledge of photography and image editing is preferable for this course.

Introduction to Interior Photography by James Rajotte

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In this course, photographer James Rajotte will teach how to capture the beauty of interior spaces through the lens of your camera. From the preparation to post-production, learn how James experiments to produce professional architectural pictures highlighting the uniqueness of any indoor space. This course is for all photographers possessing any skill level and who want to learn the creative process behind interior photography.

Architectural Photography – An Artistic Analysis

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This course will cover artistic considerations that are helpful in capturing beautiful architectural photographs. We won’t be covering technical aspects, we will be focusing more on the artistic areas.

You will learn about presenting the form, the light effects, portraying material qualities, composition, and color. This course is ideal for those who already know how to use your camera but now want to learn how to control the shot and improve the quality of your photos. It’s for people who want to take the next step and create some amazing images.

Mastering Architecture and Real Estate Photography

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You will learn how to light an interior without the scene looking illuminated, how to manage lighting color balance, how to make a perfect balance between inside and outside, how to find a storytelling angle, how to deal with poor lighting, how to fix bad color, how to work fast to be more profitable, and much more. You will learn how to light the space when there is no place to install your lights. 

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