The Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati’s sprawling 285-hectare campus is situated on the north bank of the Brahmaputra River, some 20 kilometers from the city center. With the majestic Brahmaputra on one side and hills and huge open lands on the other, the campus provides an excellent academic atmosphere.

IIT Guwahati is a public technical institute built by the Indian government in the Amingaon suburb of North Guwahati City, in the Indian state of Assam. IIT Guwahati is ranked eighth and seventh in the engineering sector in the NIRF India Rankings 2021.

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IIT Guwahati was placed 395 in the QS World University Rankings for 2022. According to the same rankings, it will be rated 117 in Asia in 2021 and 48 among BRICS states in 2019. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings of 2020 put it 601-800 in the world, 160 in Asia, and 152 in Emerging Economies.

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Courses provided | Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

The sixth member of the IIT fraternity, the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, was founded in 1994. IIT Guwahati’s academic program began in 1995.Currently, the Institute offers B.Tech., B.Des., M.A., M.Des., M.Tech., M.Sc., MBA, and Ph.D. programs in addition to covering all the major engineering, science, healthcare, management, and humanities disciplines through seven interdisciplinary academic centers, five schools, and eleven departments.

IIT Guwahati has quickly developed a top-notch infrastructure for conducting innovative research and has been furnished with cutting-edge scientific and engineering equipment. Since its founding in 1969, IIT Guwahati has been able to significantly fulfill the ambitions of people in the North East area, in addition to its accolades in teaching and research.

IIT Guwahati is home to Param-Ishan, the fastest and most powerful supercomputer in the country’s northeastern, eastern, and southern areas. Param-Ishan may be applied in domains such as computational chemistry, computational fluid dynamics, computational electromagnetics, civil engineering structures, nana-block self-assembly, optimization, and so on. During the monsoon season, North East India has significant rainfall, which causes floods and landslides. PARAM-ISHAN may be used to process weather, climatic, and seismic data.

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Academic institutions and industries play critical roles in the development of every nation. Bridging the gap between academic institutions and business is critical for success. Any such collaboration requires sophisticated infrastructure. The Office of Dean, II&SI is designed to strengthen the infrastructure and improve contact and collaboration with industry and others. II&SI welcomes industrial consultation and research. It also encourages short-term programs and courses for industry and programs from industry and others to improve industry-academia contact. The office manages initiatives and activities connected to innovation, entrepreneurship, start-up enterprises, and other projects/programs with honoraria/chair professorship from industry and various funding sources as part of Special Initiatives.

Student life

It is widely perceived as India’s most beautiful campus. IIT Guwahati is entirely residential. On campus, all students reside in hostels. Manas, Dihing, Kapili, Siang, Kameng, Barak, Subansiri, Umiam, Dibang, Brahmaputra (the largest hostel in all the IITs), Dhansiri, Lohit, and Disang are the names of the dormitories. There is also a married scholars’ dormitory for married postgraduates. Each room is furnished with the necessary necessities. Every hostel has a mess, a canteen, a juice bar, a stationery shop, a library, a TV room, a sports area, and laundry facilities.

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Annual events | Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Every year, IIT Guwahati students and administration collaborate to arrange a variety of festivals and contests. Alcheringa, the yearly cultural festival, Techniche, the annual techno-management festival, Udgam, the annual entrepreneurship summit, and Research Conclave are among the notable events. Aside from these, IIT Guwahati students compete in the annual Inter IIT sports meet. Apart from these, the General Championship (GC) is extensively celebrated throughout the Institute’s hostel communities; the combined score in the inter-hostel meetings is Kriti (Tech), Manthan (Cultural), and Spardha (Sports) is utilized to determine the winning hostel.

Alcheringa, sometimes called “Alcher,” is IIT Guwahati’s annual cultural festival. It began in 1996 as a student-run nonprofit organization primarily serving the nation’s youngsters. Alcheringa’s 2018 edition drew an estimated 1,000,000 visitors over three and four nights.

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Techniche is IIT Guwahati’s techno-management event. Every year in September, Techniche is held over three days. Techniche organizes a variety of events, contests, exhibits, and seminars. Techniche hosts Technothlon, a lecture series that allows students from schools and institutions across India to meet with different topic specialists.

Udgam is IIT Guwahati’s yearly Entrepreneurship Summit. It is organized by the Institute’s Entrepreneurial Cell and seeks to motivate young students and alums from North-East India to pursue their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. Aside from a series of presentations by famous entrepreneurs, the festival features a profusion of workshops and networking opportunities. It is usually conducted as a three-day summit in January each year. It is the main event of IIT Guwahati’s Entrepreneurial Development Cell. It was designed to foster and disseminate the entrepreneurial spirit among the young of the North-East and India in general, giving it the title of the largest E-Summit in the region.

The Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati’s Students’ Academic Board (SAB) conducts the Research Conclave. It is a reliable platform for fostering young minds toward research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, intending to direct students’ undivided attention toward both industries and academia to address academic research challenges, concerns of the entire student community, and upcoming entrepreneurs worldwide. Since its start, the Research Conclave has grown to become one of the largest of its type in India, with participants from over 30 Indian states and union territories at the 2019 edition.


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