Anne Hathaway, the stunning Hollywood actress, Oscar winner, and actress of Ocean’s 8, is riding high after receiving wonderful reviews for her portrayal in the all-female sequel to the Ocean’s trilogy. The spin-off, which also stars Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and Rihanna, topped the US Box Office charts with $41 million in its first weekend, beating out Solo: A Star Wars Story, Deadpool 2, Hereditary—as well as Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen. We’re also gushing about Anne Hathaway’s performance.

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California Country Home | Anne Hathaway House

As one might anticipate, Anne Hathaway’s and her husband, jewelry designer Adam Shulman’s California country house has a fascinating backstory. If it didn’t, we’d be dissatisfied. Yves Saint Laurent once owned the property until filmmaker Wes Anderson moved in and put his own hipster-twee spin on it, according to the tale they invented for their charming 1906 Swiss chalet-style estate (which was damaged by a fire in 1917 and rebuilt). Anderson and David Bowie cohost an annual New Year’s Eve party there, according to the false origin story. That’s a lot of data to comprehend, but Hathaway, Shulman, and their drama partner, AD100 designer Pamela Shamshiri of Studio Shamshiri in Los Angeles, rose to the occasion.

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 “Pam really leaned into it,” Hathaway says of the incredibly collaborative process of rebuilding her historic home, which was created by architects Myron Hunt and Elmer Grey, who also created the Henry and Arabella Huntington mansion in San Marino (now the Huntington Library’s main art gallery) and other notable Southern California structures. “This home sparked a lot of weird creative discussions,” Shulman says, “but Pam was unfazed by any of it.” “To the whole process, she gave a feeling of refinement, enchantment, and fun.”

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The attractiveness of their lovely home is described by Hathaway and Shulman as a love affair. “We were captivated the moment we pulled up the driveway and saw this magnificent panoramic panorama emerge in front of us,” Shulman says. “It had the perfect mixture of romanticism and beautiful design,” Hathaway says. Our first impression was that this would be a significant location in our life. I could definitely see myself starting a family here.”

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The fairy-tale architecture served as a springboard for Shamshiri’s imaginative, decades-spanning interiors. “We were dealing with a California ideal of a Swiss chalet, created as a hunting lodge and a winter getaway,” she adds. “We attempted to keep the house’s sweetness while adding additional layers of color, texture, and furniture from different eras that represent the home’s progression throughout time as well as Annie and Adam’s warm, generous spirit.”

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The spacious music room, which was initially constructed as a dance hall for young people from the neighboring neighborhood, brings that layering exercise to life with great drama. The joyful area, which has a piano, a sparkling Yves Klein Monogold table, and a wide selection of comfy seating for Hathaway and Shulman’s numerous visitors, is crowned with an early–20th-century disco ball from a Turkish spa. “This space has long been a dream of ours—a place where the people we care about can congregate and our musical friends may perform. It’s the house’s beating heart,” Hathaway explains.

A long, slim island in the kitchen animates the same community mood, providing a wonderful space for visitors to participate in the rituals of food preparation. The kitchen, which is painted in calming colors of robin’s-egg blue and soft green, flows immediately into a lovely breakfast area with scenic wallpaper integrated into the board-and-batten architectural elements and a set of spruce contemporary chairs by midcentury Italian designer Carlo di Carli for a dash of Continental élan. “Gemütlich,” says Shulman, describing the atmosphere here and throughout the house.

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“I totally backed Annie and Adam’s extremely bold sense of color,” Shamshiri recalls, pointing to the abundance of peach and burgundy tones in the entry vestibule and music room, which were inspired by a favorite Gucci blouse. Rihanna’s iconic imperial-yellow cloak from the 2015 Met Gala served as a reference for some of the golden materials and carpet in the music room and den, in yet another homage to fashion. “They’re quite into pink,” the designer says matter-of-factly of the soft pink that blankets the main bedroom. They’re excited about it!”

Despite the vivacious details and odd juxtapositions of modern and vintage furnishings, Hathaway and Shulman claim that the genuine alchemy of their house lies in its less apparent assets—the vastness of its rooms, the unusual circular floor plan, and its subtle links to the landscape. “This is a house that grows and shrinks in size depending on how many people are present. When it’s just the two of us and the baby, the home seems incredibly calm and contemplative—as it’s if it’s holding you. “It opens up with excitement and fun when there are a lot of people around,” Shulman adds.

2.7 Million Dollar Farmhouse In Connecticut
Anne Hathaway’s Farmhouse in Colonial Style

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Built in 1920, Anne Hathaway house of 4,561-square-foot oceanfront in Connecticut has lots of New England charm and enough individuality to resemble an English country cottage. The house’s façade is made out of simple white shingles, with a red-painted door adding a pop of color. The door opens onto a traditional hall. The living room has a coffered ceiling and French doors, while the great dining room has a massive stone fireplace and a vaulted ceiling with several huge skylights. A pleasant breakfast nook with built-in banquette seating and a vaulted ceiling can be found in the kitchen.

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Pool House in the Barn Style

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On the upper level, the bedrooms are separated into two wings. A wardrobe-lined dressing hall and a vintage-style bathroom with stunning black and white checkerboard marble floor tiles are included in the master suite. The barn-style pool house, which dates from the 1920s, is 1,518 square feet in size. It has broad plank oak floors, built-in bookcases, a loft area, and a cathedral ceiling with exposed wood beams and a skylight. The home of Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman is just as adorable as the couple!


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