While RV college of Architecture is a compelling name in the realm of design training and is one of the top-ranked colleges, it does not exhibit too much grandeur and is a modest institution for the students to spend their five or two years of College Life in a meaningful way. Especially for those who want to escape from the bustling traffic of Bangalore, the college might feel more like a retreat space. It is located near the Turrahalli forests, creating a peaceful environment with fresh air to breathe. 

Students go walking or cycling and spend their time through the forests as leisure activities. There are also bakeries and military hotels located along the main road, which becomes an informal gathering space, where the students and teachers coincidentally meet off-campus and chat over a cup of chai or a plate of Maggi. 

Campus life at RV College of Architecture Sheet1
View from the bridge showing the context of the college © Sreeja Pagadala, Google photos

The canteen within the RV College of Architecture itself, The O’GARA is also pretty good. A personal favourite is the butter dosa and this is also one of the smells that dominate the whole space along with the rhythmic yelling of the Annas calling out the orders. The canteen Annas are very friendly and somehow remember everyone in the college. The canteen is a small bustling space where seniors and juniors, teachers, and students meet and chat. Most of the time, you would even see students discussing their projects, taking a bite of their Kachoris, or studying for their internals. The smell of coffee is especially strong in the afternoon times when the students try to wake themselves up after the long theory lectures. 

The college consists of many transformative open and semi-open spaces.  Studio discussions or debates, hands-on workshops, students lazing around and sketching for their basic design classes, or students just sitting and chatting over a plate of food are some activities that one will be able to observe in these spaces. These spaces, therefore, transform according to the time, date, or event.

The college does not have a stern institution feel to it and the campus itself feels like a warm and welcoming space. Sometimes, if the security is careless enough, some friendly dogs can be seen wandering inside the campus. These dogs have also been named by the students. Apart from dogs, birds are frequent visitors. Sitting on the grass and watching the birds hop around in front of you will surely become a beloved activity. 

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Walls painted by students and installations by students placed on the campus.© www.highereducationdigest.com 

The internal faculties are experienced and knowledgeable, always ready to help and the visiting architects are those running successful practices. They seem to associate with various architects and hence call them over to help the students with external reviews and critiques. Many renowned architects visit and have visited the college. They share their knowledge with the students while also spending time reviewing some of the students’ works. 

As you walk through the college, you will come across various installations and wall paintings on earlier blank walls and empty spaces. Every batch makes sure to keep up the charm of the campus and leave behind an identity of their own. Colourful walls, beautiful paintings, interesting sculptures, and models act as an indicator of the fun and interactive student life. 

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The main entrance © www.highereducationdigest.com 

The RV College of Architecture Library consists of one of the largest collections of architectural books in Bangalore. It provides access to a digital library as well. The librarians are also very helpful and help you find books that you are specifically looking for but are not available in the library. Even the thesis of some of the alumni and the faculties are stored here for the students’ reference. 

After college hours, students stay back to complete their project works or even organise movie screenings and talks by faculty or visiting guests on various topics related to design. This ensures that the college does not end up becoming a space to come, listen to lectures, and return, but a comfortable space where knowledge can be acquired through various interesting ways. There are also times when the hostilities come back to college after 5 pm with their guitars and create an impromptu musical atmosphere. 

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View from the OAT showing a vast open space. The bridge connects academic and staff blocks. © www.edudunia.com 

Every event or occasion is celebrated in RVCA with so much enthusiasm and participation from the students across all the batches and these students make sure to ooze out all sorts of their artistic sides. The exhibition of RVCA is one main event that takes place. It is very different from other college fests in a lot of ways. Apart from hosting only cultural events like dance, music, drama, and competitions, The students themselves approach and invite speakers and workshop conductors who are renowned architects or designers and are ready to share their knowledge through lectures, workshops, and even panel discussions of a few students. Architectural and design competitions are also held, open to participants from other colleges. The one week before the two days of the exhibition is when the college is most active, during both the nights and the days. Working for Installations and paintings with friends in the night, ordering food or parceling it from the nearby hotels, dancing, playing games, watching movies, and sleeping for a few hours in different parts of the college defines the nightlife of the college during the exhibition week.

Every minute spent in RVCA will be well-spent and every activity happening in the college will make sure knowledge is shared and received.


Inspired by architecture and filled with a passion for writing, MeghaSubodh is an Architecture student pursuing her studies in RV college of Architecture, Bangalore. Influence of people, culture and climate on Architecture is an area that evinces much interest in her. She is desirous of giving voice to Architecture through her writings and is consistently striving to improvise herself in this field.