First concept, then design

Architecture today seems to have become more generic than one can want it to be. Even non-architects have started to understand the language and not that it is not right. Maybe we need to break our boxes. These boxes are so enclosed that we have no connections and relationships. We are architects and we design spaces so more or less we need human relations to those spaces. It is not always about the function or the form, but the users need and wants. 

In today’s time, people want more and more privacy with the way architecture is, they want to keep it all to themselves. They don’t want connections to the outside world, a design created for the person, it is very much not possible to live alone, we are humans and born with the characteristic of interaction. We live in a society and, we have the urge to, always communicate this is human nature and cannot be separated. We use a persuasion technique when we explain to our clients this is in our nature to make the opposite like everything we do. It is the emotion of happiness that makes us do this.  If we convince the client that what we are doing is the best for them, they start to believe in our concept and get more interested in what we are doing. But it is difficult to make everyday people understand this logic. A client is a small user, but society is large.

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Everyday people have only two ideas in their minds when it comes to architecture to understand how it is all done. They are confused and fearful. Confusion because usually they do not know what we are talking about no matter how much we explain, and the reason is simple, we use design terms which are not commonly used. And the fear is so because sometimes they feel that what we say is not possible and they start to assume that we are talking in the air and we do not know about our design. Fear makes people do a lot of things, once fear has made a place in a person’s mind, it makes them do things they thought they would never do. 

Architecture is not about the big spaces, it is about the small things that make it all architecture, so even if it is the simplest things it makes a difference. If an architect dies what he wishes, he designs the best for him, the best for the client and the best for the people. Fear in the minds of the user is acceptable, but fear should not take over the architect, without fear, the architect is at his peak and hence creates a design to be successful. Everything these days is about appearance. Everyone desires the construction to be iconic. Celebrity architects and media only venture of the construction is related to something symbolic or identity and something they relate to.

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Architecture over time has been developed depending on the culture, region and the economy. They play is, more important role than one can imagine. They form the basis of the design and hence take the architecture forward. The Bauhausian type of modernism of plain facades and ribbons of windows. They’re rectilinear. There are plain facades. Sometimes there is a colour to kind, to provide a variety. And then there is a lot of glass.

They are often bland because of its simplicity and construction type. 

This type of construction is economic and has returns on investment. It is also the most effective and in terms of design and cost. There still are many who appreciate the community life and want design layouts to be open planned and with balconies and have roof gardens. They also want natural light and ventilation like old times. They want it to feel belonging, and they want to stay there and just observe. It’s about the people who are living here and, I’m always thinking about, through the design process, how to create an uplifting environment, that’s inspired, that in a sense gives you a place of not only a home but also a place where you look forward to coming back to and also helps to inspire you.

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At its roots, structure exists to create the bodily, surroundings wherein human beings live, however, the structure is greater than simply the constructed surroundings, it’s additionally part of our culture. It stands as an illustration of the way we see ourselves, in addition to how we see the world. 

There’s additionally the knowledge that structure is an area inside itself, and one ought to argue that it’s similarly crucial for architects to push the limits of homes in new ways, for the natural pursuit of the craft.


Zoya Hooda an architecture student with a creative passion for writing and design. There is not a single word that could describe her but a combination she is, loving, ambitious and carefree. She is determined towards what she wants. She is not perfect, but she is close.

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