Casa Rojo by Benny Kuriakose

Benny Kuriakose seeks to achieve sustainable architecture through vernacular and traditional practices. He believes in the logic behind traditional architecture being climate responsive, and using locally available materials to create projects that have a simplistic beauty. His projects reflect his ideals using elements like courtyards, large windows, double roofs and open plans, combined with the flowing connectivity between inside and outside spaces. Working hand in hand with the local community to realise the users’ point of view reflects in his designs.

© Benny Kuriakose
© Benny Kuriakose

Architect: Benny Kuriakose
Location: India

The Chennai based architect is also involved in numerous conservation and disaster rehabilitation projects, providing his expertise to the State governments and other organisations.

© Benny Kuriakose
© Benny Kuriakose

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