Located in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin Germany is HAA&Ds PR33 Rooftop Extension Project providing Berliners with 700m2 of additional living space divided into 3 housing units.

Studio Name; Hagar Abiri Architecture and Design (HAA&D)
Project; PR33
Area: Prenzlauer Berg
Year: 2023
Location of Studio: Stubbenkammerstr. 4, 10437 Berlin
Photography Credits: Freedes Studio

Pr33 by Hagar Abiri Architecture and Design - Sheet1
©Freedes Studio

The standing building originates from the beginning of the 20th century.

Inspired by its traditional German look, HAA&D realized a way to create a fitting mélange of traditional and modern making the PR33 Project a showcase example that traditional and modern can coexist as one.

As the repurposing of traditional rooftops is one of the most complex, yet common practices in Berlin architecture, this project is said to have brought its share of challenges in the form of difficult building predispositions. These arose in the form of present outdated systems and potentially contaminated, dangerous materials. HAA&D however being one of Berlin’s leading offices specializing in the construction and redevelopment of rooftops, these were quickly able to be resolved.

Pr33 by Hagar Abiri Architecture and Design - Sheet3
©Freedes Studio

The interior spaces are planned in a bright and minimalistic manner.

Bright natural sunlight is considered a luxury in Berlin especially during the dark winter months. This was largely taken into consideration, making sure residents and visitors do not only have a beautiful space to live in but also one that provides them with necessary sunlight and its nutritious mental and physical benefits.

Each housing unit has a unique, individually designed look to it, giving it a touch of luxury and elegance. By combining dark and light hues with one another, giving the interior hints of constructed edges and making sure the space is open, the interior is artistic and timeless.

Pr33 by Hagar Abiri Architecture and Design - Sheet5
©Freedes Studio

The overall spirit of the Design is inspired by the youthful quarter it is located in.

The PR33 Project blends into the building and urban landscape. It is however also able to stand out in a subtle way through the long open balcony, the modern architectural elements and transparent

look. The apartments are a luxury with far views over Berlin’s urban landscape equipped with their own private rooftop gardens.

©Freedes Studio

HAA&D is an architecture office with a strong focus on sustainability, believing that the reduction of the carbon emission footprint should be more of a priority in today’s way of planning. Renovation and extensions of traditional buildings do not only give them a second life, but are a much more sustainable solution to the densification of cities allowing not only more room for wildlife in cities to be able to flourish, but also giving modern green building innovation a chance to be integrated where it wasn’t before. These include things such as green roofs- promoting more biodiversity, solar

panels- providing a more green power generation, heat pumps- as an energy-efficient alternative to heaters and air conditioners etc.

HAA&D was also responsible for treating the facade making sure the whole building was properly taken care of.


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