The elevation of the residence has a latticed screen with a geometric pattern, as a climatic response it allows light while minimizing the radiation of the sun. As a micro climatic element, the building has a central courtyard with landscape where the service is placed.

Project Name: Ms. Usha Residence
Architecture firm: RR Architects and Associates
Year of completion: 2021
Consultants: Design Ventures (structural consultants)
Photography Credits: Vincy Photography
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Site area in Sq.Ft  – 1487 Sq.Ft
Location – Nelamangala, Bangalore, Karnataka
Context – Located in the town Nelamangala, Bangalore this modern residence on a lot measuring 9m*15m is located in a compact residential zone of the city. The proposed residence is surrounded by concrete buildings on the sides, the other open side facing road.

Ms. Usha Residence by RR Architects & Associates - Sheet4
©Vincy Photography

On the ground floor, there is an entrance foyer along with landscape, lift, a living room, a dining area having a powder room and a kitchen, with an outside sitting deck and a puja room.

The first floor has one master bedroom with a dress and toilet and a multipurpose hall with a balcony. The second floor has one son’s bedroom and one daughter’s bedroom with a dress and toilet. Small gardens are used similarly to separate the interior and exterior, the living and dining; the bedrooms and stairs. This solution creates smooth spatial transition while ensuring that all functional spaces are in contact with nature.

Ms. Usha Residence by RR Architects & Associates - Sheet6
©Vincy Photography

To ensure both comfort and the timelessness of the project, we used natural materials that we are absolutely passionate about; stone, bamboo, wood, combined with glass. Bamboo is a natural material that is plentiful locally, both environmentally friendly and economical. The bamboo screen that runs the length of the facade- the “rattan walls” in traditional architecture in Nelamangala, protects the whole house from the severe sunlight and maintains a high degree of privacy. The facade  also lets light go through, creating not only interesting shadows but also happy sounds like wind chimes hung in gardens. The different strategies make the whole house feel lite. At dusk, when the sun sets, the light from inside the house shines through the gap between the bamboo trunks making the house look like a lantern in the middle of the neighbourhood.   

Ms. Usha Residence by RR Architects & Associates - Sheet9
©Vincy Photography

The house had to be designed in a way that maximized open spaces. The living, dining and kitchen area are all shared. The staircase is separated from the main area by landscape and huge glass panels.


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