The development on Pahia Ammos offers 4 exclusive holiday villas in a remote and undiscovered part of Astypalaia, Greece – in the beautiful, virgin peninsula of ‘Pahia Ammos and are developed under the strict conservation laws of the Greek islands.

Project Name: Pahia Ammos, Astypalia
Architecture Firm: Ollech+Tol
Firm Location: Jerusalem
Gross Built Area: 2,100 sqm
Project location: Astypalia, Greece
Lead Architects: Ollech+Tol
Photo/Render credits: Ollech+Tol

Additional Credits
Design Team: Nati Ollech, Tami Ollech Lerer, Yanir Schneiderman
Clients: LMA Estates, Papaios holdings

Pahia Ammos, Astypalia by Ollech+Tol - Sheet5

The island of Astypalaia lies approximately 43 kilometers west from Kos, its neighboring island, and 217 kilometers away from Piraeus, Greece’s national port. The peninsula of Pahia Ammos is situated in the northern, undeveloped, pristine part of the island with arrival via jet plane, yacht, or helicopter.

Pahia Ammos, Astypalia by Ollech+Tol - Sheet7

The villas are designed as an integral part of the topography, visible and invisible, local, humble, yet monumental. The general language of the architecture uses long, horizontal, green roof slabs to create an architecture that is embedded in the topography, creating expansive verandas for the living spaces and pulling the gaze to the endless horizons of the Greek sea. While the villas share a common design language, the architecture of each villa is bespoke and unique, responding to site, views, and wind exposure.

Pahia Ammos, Astypalia by Ollech+Tol - Sheet9

Each villa is characterized by its unique plot and different physical conditions. As such, they are named: Untamed (the cliff house), Dock (the lagoon house), Mountain (the hill house) and Horizon (the beach house). The unique characteristics of each site dictate the design for each villa while maintaining the basic values of the development as a whole – sustainable, serene, and integrated into the landscape.


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