The Project is located in front of Zapallar Bay, an exclusive resort in Valparaíso Region, 169km from Santiago de Chile. It is house in the forest at 450m above sea level, on the southern slope of the hill where El Boldo Park is located.

Project Name: Casa 59. Cerro El Boldo. Zapallar
Studio Name: SUN arquitectos

Casa 59. Cerro El Boldo. Zapallar by SUN arquitectos - Sheet4
©SUN arquitectos

Thick Stone walls modify the extreme topography into habitable levels, achieving two horizontal planes which give virtue to the territory and root the architecture in an intimate relationship with vegetation and its surroundings. Its complex diversity of materials is balanced and related, accepting each quality and its contrasts, managing to moderate its conditions, matching the appearance between concrete, wood, stone and marble, all noble and long-lived materiales.

Casa 59. Cerro El Boldo. Zapallar by SUN arquitectos - Sheet7
©SUN arquitectos

These contrast warm persistence with the glass and Steel roof, materials that give a comtemporary look, an innovative and mixed face towards the outside.


The interior space is divided into two floors. A level of access and main use, with parking and service áreas fluidly connected to living spaces such as living room, dinning room, terrace and pool. This free movement space provides habitability and confort to the homeowners, an elderly couple who commissioned as a primary requirement to provide this continuous traffic without unevenness in order to have good accessibility. Closing the end of the residential circuit is the living rrom, which achieves almost complete transparency with the outside, in an intimate relationship with the hill, its vegetation and the beach views.

Casa 59. Cerro El Boldo. Zapallar by SUN arquitectos - Sheet8
©SUN arquitectos


The horizontal composition of the house is divided between two realities that contrast their characteristics. In the first place we have a semi-buried body of Stone that emerges from the topography and configures the access as an ancestral cave. This highlights the rougness of the material and is organically covered with vegetal roof that gives continuity to the hill above the service área, hiding part of the size and controlling the presence as a superior facade in the view from the park. Separated by a sequence of light patios and glass ceilings, the residential volumen appears as a warm wooden pavilion and a Shell-shaped roof which slopes according to the use and size of the space it covers. This roof accompanies the sloping terrain in its same gradualness of cut.

©SUN arquitectos


The house is oriented towards the bay, with its back to the main orientation of the sun, which forces it to receive natural light from above, throught skylights that provide warmth to the spaces. The Green ceiling above the kitchen is crossed by the grafitying overhead light, giving dignity to a self-absorbed and independent service sector.


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