The House of Greens , sits inconspicuously amongst age old trees , surrounded by nature inside -out . The private Villa, spread over 2 acres , designed around existing trees merges with the existing terrain . The built warps around these trees to create architectural spaces in perfect unison with the un-built .

Title the house of greens
Date. 2019
City. new delhi
Cize. 10000 sq.ft

The House Of Green By Intrigue Design - Sheet5
©Intrigue Design
The House Of Green By Intrigue Design - Sheet3
©Intrigue Design

The House Of Green By Intrigue Design - Sheet4

The House Of Green By Intrigue Design - Sheet6
©Intrigue Design

Intrigue Designs

The word ‘Intrigue’ denotes curiosity. Hence, Intrigue designs have been putting forward fascinating designs since 2012; with a persuading vision of space and form defined by the users themselves. Based out of New Delhi with design stamps pan-India, the firm has accomplished architecture & design projects across diverse scales & typologies. Today, the firm has to its credit – renowed and successfully completed counterfoil of project bases with highly satisfied clients.

Intrigue Designs executes each piece of work undertaken with a deep sense of optimism, excellence and integrity, keeping in mind that each project should reflect the ethos of the firm firmly which are focused on delivering innovative solutions – build on context, explore new technologies, and leverage the clients programmatic objectives. While Intrigue Designs plays its role as an agent of change, its efforts are rooted in the principles of responsiveness to local context and sustainable architecture.



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