This 90 thousand sq.ft 6 Mansions was designed with richly imaginative and ideal luxury for Veepees fraternity. the 6 brothers who think alike who has a similar style of living.

Studio Name: Arif Associates
Status: Built
BUILD-UP AREA:90000Sq.ft

VEEPEES MANSIONS by Arif AssociatesA schematic Approach of understanding the context which the northern side where the lake situates and acts as the substance for airflow and the main road in the southern side kept as the main entrance towards the 5.5 Acres Wide property. This multi-family community housing is extended with 90 thousand sq.ft buildup area with 6 mansions of 12000 each and the rest is for the clubhouse accommodated with a 6’s football turf court, a gym, a private theater and game center facing towards the large and curvy infinity pool next to the lake.

VEEPEES MANSIONS by Arif AssociatesThe circular spline element offers a bold counterpoint to the concentration of the landscape, spacial and façade composition .these feel alike living spaces reflect the deep bond of every individual in veepees family.

VEEPEES MANSIONS by Arif AssociatesThis project was born from the owner’s desire to accommodate the families eagerness to discover their green and history-changed territory. located on the large plot It took Arif associates four months to come out with the complete Architecture, landscape and interior designs of the 90 thousand sq.ft property with its 5.5 acres land plot, then the construction started early 2017 and took around 23 months to fully finish the whole project with every single detail carefully designed and selected by the team, and all the works are done on-site supervised by Site supervision team from Arif associates.



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