A railing that symbolizes the typical railings of Porto in the past…

A grid that announces, in a window, an architecture office full of souvenirs, projects and memories!

Textures, light, shadow, space…

Project Name: Em Paralelo à varanda sobre a arquitetura
Studio Name: ivo tavares

Em Paralelo à varanda sobre a arquitetura by Em Paralelo - Sheet4
©ivo tavares

It was in this space that the architecture firm Em Paralelo decided to continue its team growth project, as well as honor the father of architect Cristina Vaz Santos, who had already started the entire project.

Carlos Bernardino Maia Santos, my father who started this project together with us, but who left us on November 6, 2022.

A father who was once a builder and who taught me all the ins and outs of construction. A father who explained to me that an architectural project was like a child, that we raised it and watched it grow, but then it followed its own path…

And it is in this spirit that I also see architectural projects buzzing within the office.

And today, as an architect, I make a point of honoring and thanking my father for everything I am.

Therefore, the Em Paralelo architecture firm begins to be developed with a strong union with interior design.

There was a desire to combine architecture with furniture more suited to the functions of an architectural office, as well as part of the entire design and its function.

Em Paralelo à varanda sobre a arquitetura by Em Paralelo - Sheet6
©ivo tavares

Therefore, we decided to contact a company with which we had already worked on other projects and of which we had an excellent impression, which is now confirmed: Mood Furniture.

It was a very pleasant partnership that always met our needs, including in terms of mobility of spaces and sustainable issues.

What were initially torn and fixed structures became screens in the form of moldable and self-supporting cards. These screens are now sitting in one place and which tomorrow could be in line with our needs.

And so, with great professionalism, in a space of 110 m2 the project was developed… A space that confronts two streets in which the entrance area is organized in one and the administration room in the other.

The note symbolizes the “guardian” of the office that accompanies the entrance area where there is a small seating space for customers to wait.

We then enter a “corridor” where the library is born (all made using modules adjusted to our needs).

In addition to being a library to support the office, this space also aims, together with a pouf, to create moments of pause for the entire team where everyone can sit and read a book, which also brings up more ergonomic issues with which we all part ways. the days, in this case the sitting itself.

Adjacent to this space are sanitary facilities, a pantry and a work space for employees and architects.

As we never wanted to hide the light but rather take advantage of it, we opted for a glass partition between the work area and the meeting room.

©ivo tavares

All spaces can dialogue…

All spaces are permeable.

The result with the partnership with Mood Furniture was quite satisfactory, the help we had to ensure that the workspace matched our visual identity was very pleasant and worked in the best way possible.

The concern for ergonomic details and the well-being of the entire team is still reflected today.

And so, once again the balcony behind the entrance window looks out over the city, over the people….

Em Paralelo to the balcony!


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