Designed as a warm holiday home for a modern nuclear family of four people, set on the blissful and breezy sands of Alibaug, the focal point of the creative endeavour for Studio SB lay in its strategical nuances.

Name of the project: Alibaug Residence
Built-up area: 5000sqft
Plot: 2600 sqm
Initiation date- August 2023
Architecture- completed, Interiors- ongoing

Alibaug Residence by Studio SB - Sheet3
©Studio SB

Situated across the road with a stunning beach area, the concept was rooted in the challenge of elevating the structure by six feet from the ground, serving the inhabitants the opportunity to soak in unobstructed serene views of the nature that surrounded them. With diverse preferences within the family, the team at Studio SB had the responsibility to harmonise these varying tastes into an artful juxtaposition of personal choices.

Alibaug Residence by Studio SB - Sheet5
©Studio SB

The dominant visual theme throughout the residence gracefully merges neoclassical and contemporary design elements, with the bedrooms radiating a wabi-sabi essence. Notably, the architectural phase of the venture was successfully accomplished in just 55 days, with continuous attention now directed towards perfecting the interiors in accordance with vastu principles.

Alibaug Residence by Studio SB - Sheet6
©Studio SB

The overall arrangement places a premium on unfettered beach vistas from each room, all while ensuring a discreet sense of seclusion and safety.

The Alibaug Residence stands as a testament to the convergence of design versatility, and a deep connection with nature’s beauty.


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