The design premise of this project was clear to create an expression of layering guided by the sun’s penetrative. The initial design conceptualized around the idea of the house as a large concrete volume placed over a white monolithic base.The tray consequently stretches itself outward, self-shading the western and southern walls.

Name of the project: The Weathered House
Architect: Kamat & Rozario Architecture
Year of completion: 2022
Project Area: 2500 sqft
Location: Bangalore
Photographer: Arjun Krishna Photography
Design Team: Smruti Kamat-Rozario, Lester Rozario
Project Architect: Sahana Samantha
Environmental Sustainability
Consultant: Kamat & Rozario Architecture
Structure Engineers: Vatsins Consultants
Main Contractors: Mahadevachari
Interior Contractor: Satish Sharma
Project Architect: Sahana Samanta

Weathered House by kamat & rozario architecture - Sheet3
©Arjun Krishna Photography

The plan of the house opens itself up to the more climatically pleasant east in the form of an open court. This open court forms the heart of the house and is a creator of moods and goings-on– it is also the lung of the house! The sun continues to guide the planning on the upper floor. The washrooms act as a thermal buffer lined on the west wall. While the rest of the plan continues to open itself up to the eastern courtyard.

Weathered House by kamat & rozario architecture - Sheet5
©Arjun Krishna Photography

The southern facade in the front is an expression of layering in materials of differing perforations and textures – also guided by the sun’s penetrative rays. The house is tucked behind a massive tree initially a small plant during the start of construction now fully grown has found its way to enhance the layers of the house.

Weathered House by kamat & rozario architecture - Sheet6
©Arjun Krishna Photography

The sun is finally allowed to bring its drama into the house by way of the top-lit main stair. Almost as if knowing of its forthcoming, adding to another weathered layer!


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