Natalia and Ivan Trofimov, Blockstudio, designed an apartment in an old house and talked about how to make a classic interior modern.

Total area 203 sq.m.
Completion date 2021 by architects Natalia and Ivan Trofimov.
Photos by Mikhail Loskutov –

Brands used in the project:

Tech.light Delta light
Shelves USM
Near chimney are vases by Bolia, GK Concept
Near table are vases by Lisa Fedotova, LF Ceramics and sculptures by Anna Gracheva, Leto Ceramic and Sklo, GK Concept
Table Time and style
Table lamp @brodach_selection
Ceiling lamp ClassiCon
Chair Overgaard & Dyrman
Piano Steinway
Panel @brodach_selection
Wall lamps @brodach_selection
White armchair Ribbon, Artifort, GK Concept
Table Hay, GK Concept
Photo on the wall by Alexey Narodizkiy

Sitting room:
Lamp INGO MAURER Flying Disc
Table Tre Sekel, Artilleriet
Chairs Finn Juhl
Celling lamp Tokio Carbon Light
Table Zanotta, Giro
Black table, Ethnicraft, L’Appartment
Comode Cappelini, Luxor
Wall lamps Roll & Hill, Eclipse Sconce
Armchairs Cassina
Sofa Edra
Black console Jordanartisan, Design dealer
Picture on the wall (red) by Natalia Zanchevskaya
Picture on the wall (white) by Alexey Dubinsky, Art Sample
Carpet CC-tapis

Carpentry by
Lamp Flos, Noctambule Suspension
Chairs Fredericia
Lamps Atelier Areti
Vases by Ferm Living, GK Concept
Radiators Viadrus Kalor
Mirror designed by Blockstudio

Master bedroom:
Textiles Ateliertati
Celling lamp Vistosi
Table lamp &Tradition, GK Concept
Sconce Marset
On the dressing table is a sculpture by Lev Yefimov.
Chair Overgaard & Dyrman
Table Glasitalia
Carpentry by

Lamp Lasvit
Wall lamps Michael Anastassiades

Bench Massproductions
Mirror Glasitalia
Commode Time & style Factory, Amsterdam
Wall lamp Michael Anastassiades
Lamp Karakter – Copenhagen
Lamp Catellanismith
Ceiling lamp @brodach_selection
Carpentry by
Photo on the wall by Trofimov Ivan, Blockstudio

Hall: Lamp Flos
Bathroom: Vases by Lisa Fedotova, LF Ceramics

Room with stairs:
Vase by Bagarata Ceramics near the window
Bench Massproductions

Modern Apartment in an Old House by Blockstudio - Sheet5
©Mikhail Loskutov

The customers of this project contacted Blockstudio at the stage of choosing an apartment. The obvious advantages of this apartment of 203 sq.meters were high ceilings 4.3 meters, thirteen windows and reinforced concrete ceilings installed in this old Moscow house during the overhaul of the 1980s.

Modern Apartment in an Old House by Blockstudio - Sheet6
©Mikhail Loskutov

But the main thing that the architects saw was the possibility of a complete redevelopment, which allowed natural light to enter absolutely all rooms, from the bathroom to the hallway. Sunlight penetrating into the farthest corners of the apartment through transoms and stained-glass windows is a favorite technique of Blockstudio bureau. As well as the enfilade layout, along the axis of which the architects placed the living room, dining room and office. “And if we based the planning on the techniques of classical architecture, then in the rest we decided to play in contrast,” says Ivan.

Modern Apartment in an Old House by Blockstudio - Sheet8
©Mikhail Loskutov

“This is how laconic rounded plaster cornices appeared, which form an enveloping domed space. The fireplace portal made of natural stone is very simple, but due to the rounded wavy ribs, an interesting plasticity is created. The super – minimalist kitchen almost merges with the wall… Each lamp was chosen as an art object. However, we adhered to the same principle when choosing furniture, decor, contemporary art, and even… cat beds… And this is also important. Real luxury is always in the details!”

About architecture bureau Blockstudio:

Blockstudio is an architecture and interior design service office. Founded by a brother and sister – Natalia and Ivan Trofimov –13 years ago, the partnership has got over 60 implemented interior design and architecture projects to their credit, including architectural design for country houses.

The architects seek to create interiors that would serve as an ideal background to their owners, in other words, to create something similar to an old portrait where every object and detail speaks of a character adding to the overall image. However, the guiding principle is functionality and lack of excessive details diverting the attention from the general atmosphere of the space, its light and air.

The partners’ different educational background (Ivan is an architect and Natalia majored in art history) enables them to design complex projects where their perspectives and approach come through in a finely balanced-off product.


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