Investors bought this 20-year-old house after many searches and discussions with our studio about their needs.

Project Name: Jozefow
Studio Name: Kołodziej & Szmyt
Design Team: Ola Kołodziej, Iwona Korczykowska
Area: 220 m²
Year: 2019
Location: Józefów near Warsaw
Photography Credits: Łukasz Nowosadzki / Archilens

Jozefow by Kołodziej & Szmyt - Sheet8
©Łukasz Nowosadzki / Archilens

The renovation involved a general replacement of the installation, chaffing of floors, demolition of walls, therefore, during the design process, we were limited only by load-bearing walls and the Investor’s requirements.

Jozefow by Kołodziej & Szmyt - Sheet10
©Łukasz Nowosadzki / Archilens

Another important factor was the large amount of furniture and souvenirs that the Owners wanted to keep from the previous house, which were to harmonize with new modern materials in a stylish and eclectic way.

Jozefow by Kołodziej & Szmyt - Sheet6
©Łukasz Nowosadzki / Archilens

The atmosphere of the house is kept in bright colors. The cozy and homely atmosphere was to serve for years because the Owners do not assume further removals. The ground floor of the house houses a spacious hall with a wardrobe, a kitchen with a pantry, a living room with a dining room, a bathroom and a guest room.

Jozefow by Kołodziej & Szmyt - Sheet7
©Łukasz Nowosadzki / Archilens

The first floor is the Owners’ private zone with a bedroom with a bathroom, two offices and a small gym. One of the favorite rooms of all household members is a kitchen with a cozy corner for relaxation. A brick wall with decorative painted plates, which are a family memento of the Owners, adds charm.


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