This single floor family house is situated in Polish mazovian suburban area. My task was to design interiors which are suited just for my client – a young family with two kids.

Studio Name: Izabela Widomska Interiors
Design Team: arch. Izabela Widomska
Area: 180m2
Year: 2020
Location: Ostrołęka, Poland
Photography Credits:

House in Ostrołęka By Izabela Widomska Interiors - Sheet2

The house plan is divided into two main areas- living room and bedroom area.

The  living room consists of an entrance space with a wardrobe  leading You to a comfortable kitchen, rest area along with a fire place and dining .

House in Ostrołęka By Izabela Widomska Interiors - Sheet4

The investor couple desired beautiful, classic styled kitchen cabinets with a big kitchen Island for the most comfortable everyday living.

The island’s turquoise colour and classic wallpaper on the adjacent wall gives a very special and unique visual effect to the kitchen space.

There are two big bathrooms in the house, one with a shower and the second one with a bath.

House in Ostrołęka By Izabela Widomska Interiors - Sheet5

Both bathrooms come with convenient, double sink hygiene countertops.

There are three bedrooms designed, main bedroom and two for kids.

The master bedroom is very calming and light, with a classic English style wardrobe and wooden plank floor . Simple and basic style.

House in Ostrołęka By Izabela Widomska Interiors - Sheet8

The kids’ rooms are made for a girl and for a boy. Both with big upholstery beds and lot of space to play.

The house is well lightened, with wide horizontal and  floor- to -top windows, with elegant curtains on them.

This special designed family friendly house gives comfort, warmth and good energy for a happy family life.

Studio Izabela Widomska Interiors

Studio Izabela Widomska Interiors

Studio Izabela Widomska Interiors was established in 2014. Studio specialises in warm and modern private interiors including houses, flats and apartments. Company is based on principle that the most important is understanding customer needs and the goal is to create an interior that harmonises with investor’s life style and make every day a beautiful experience.

Izabela WidomskaIzabela Widomska


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