A small-scale duplex apartment situated in suburb of Ahmedabad city, was a 4bhk duplex penthouse that further converted into 3bhk as per clients’ requirements. Colour palette infuses vitality in the drawing room, creating an earthy-raw backdrop for times of togetherness. Brownish leather faux sofa are paired with mustard fancy chairs and wooden elements to create a room that’s upbeat and comfortable at the same point.

Project Name: Penthouse
Studio Name: Shayona Consultant
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Photography: Shayona Consultant
Completion Year: 2020
Carpet Area: 2310 sq.ft

Penthouse by Shayona Consultant - Sheet1
Bedroom ©Shayona Consultant

A cosy balcony space acts as an extension to the drawing room, making the space light and airy with its south-west sun.

The cut-out on dining area was proposed by the architect to create a visual connection between both the floors. This brilliant design idea of double-height cut-out not only made the apartment look spacious but also helps to bring influx of natural light throughout the apartment.

Penthouse by Shayona Consultant - Sheet2
Kitchen + Dining ©Shayona Consultant

The minimalist marble dining top for the dining, paired up with grey tufted chairs compliments the muted-colour palette of the apartment. Kitchen is compact in size, finished with high gloss glass finish material and outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment pieces as desired by the client.

Other than common activities, the lower level also comprises of 2 bedrooms. A clean, effortlessly refined bedroom resonating with restfulness. The colour palette is kept simple with beige and ivory with wooden touch in parent’s and guest bedroom.

Penthouse by Shayona Consultant - Sheetv3
Terrace Garden ©Shayona Consultant

The upper floor houses the master bedroom, a covered terrace and an open terrace garden.
Wood plays a starring role here, with an entire wall clad in veneer finish panelling. In master-bedroom, one can see a beautiful example of how to seamlessly blend doors within the bedroom. Seamless, but the deep margins between segments add a sense of refinement to this backdrop wall. A lovely approach in a minimalistic bedroom, where you don’t want to draw undue attention to the doors. Here, the small balcony is converted into a cosy sitting area within the bedroom.

The open-to-sky terrace garden adorned with plants and comfy furniture, is perfect space to unwind and mingle with friends and family over weekends. A covered terrace attached to this open terrace garden acts as an entertainment room. Simple, eclectic, chic and modern, that is how we define the interiors of this duplex pent-house.


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