The greatest satisfaction of the clients of this bold renovation project, signed by Studio Kyze, came during the period of moving to the new home, when they realized details and the practicality of many project choices, previously accepted more by trust than by notion, “after all, I’m a doctor and my husband, businessman, architect is for this!”

Project Name: Liquid Apartment
Studio Name:
Studio Kyze Arquitetura e Design
Project size: 80 m2
Site size: 80 m2
Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 1
Location: Salvador, Brazil
Photography: Gabriela Daltro

Liquid Apartment by Studio Kyze Arquitetura e Design - Sheet1
Kids Room ©Gabriela Daltro

“The base of our work is always, certainly, the trust of our client” confirms Kyze. And it was in this way that an 80 square meter apartment, located iclose to of the nerve center of the Bahian executive world, became a modern and cozy home for a young couple and their two small children.

The environment immediately reveals a light and youthful personality, characterized by elegant and relaxed elements, merging harmoniously. “The integration of the kitchen with the living area was a very assertive choice, as it provides dynamic flows, in a practical and modern layout”, explains Kyze.

Liquid Apartment by Studio Kyze Arquitetura e Design - Sheet2
Kitchen ©Gabriela Daltro

Hydraulic tiles leave the visual limit of the kitchen floor, and enter the living space in a sinuous way, materializing this integration. The same finishing solution is adopted for the other wet areas in the living area of the apartment, giving a striking style and a dialogue between the different environments.

The compact living room leaves nothing to be desired in comfort; the spaces are rationalized to the maximum and organized with customized solutions of metalwork and joinery, which surprise by design and practicality. The same is true in the kitchen, efficiently and harmoniously equipped.

Liquid Apartment by Studio Kyze Arquitetura e Design - Sheet3
Bedroom ©Gabriela Daltro

The children’s room design is a tribute for details perception and appreciation capacity, typical of children’s eyes. Keeping the same color palette as the other rooms in the apartment, architecture manages to create its own language, made for dreamy looks. The couple’s suite exalts artistic elements that, referring to the magic of the sea and Bahia, give the space a lighting and relaxing energy.


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