We used a minimum number of moves required to satisfy the program: a breakfast table/desk, a bookshelf/closet/headboard and a kitchenette/storage unit and designed them to be very simple and unassuming so as to not announce any particular function. The elements were then arranged to choreograph the circulation so the space would unfold inevitably for its use when needed: becoming obvious only once it was required.

Project Name: Coach House
Studio Name:
Barbora Vokac Taylor Architect Inc
Project size: 670 ft2
Completion date: 2015
Location: Toronto, Canada
Photography: Scott Norsworthy

Coach House By Barbora Vokac Taylor Architect Inc - Sheet1
Bedroom ©Scott Norsworthy

Functions are subtly slipped into the disguised elements: closets are tucked in to the bookshelf, the bookshelf works as a headboard and the countertop forms the sink. A mirrored backsplash in the kitchen reflects whatever is happening in the space: work or rest.

Coach House By Barbora Vokac Taylor Architect Inc - Sheet2
Workspace ©Scott Norsworthy

The oven and fridge can also be fully concealed behind a sliding hinged door. The table transforms into a desk with a subtle long slit allow cable access when used as an office. The client’s thesis research and political manifestos sit quietly next to books on contemporary art and history.

Coach House By Barbora Vokac Taylor Architect Inc - Sheet3
Study Room ©Scott Norsworthy

In both cases, the coach house is designed as a refuge from the busy life of the main house and allows both the routine of the young family and guests to carry on with out disrupting one another.


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