This 4 BHK sample house project, masterfully designed by our team, isn’t just bricks and mortar; it’s a testament to visionary collaboration and thoughtful adaptation.

Project Name: Celestial Living
Studio Name: SPACE KARMA Design Studio
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Month & Year of Completion: January 2024
Photography Credits: Nayan Soni

Celestial Living by SPACE KARMA Design Studio-Sheet1
©Nayan Soni

Our client, a builder with an eye for understated luxury, envisioned a sample house that spoke volumes without shouting. “A space that transcends trends, resonates with diverse preferences and ultimately, turns into homes filled with memorable life stories,” he shared.

We embraced this brief, creating a premium yet adaptable space that feels like home to anyone considering buying it. “To make sure that house felt personal, we decided to stick to a neutral colour palette of tans, greiges and beiges while adding a touch of reds and browns to it.” admitted our lead designer Shweta Jain.

Celestial Living by SPACE KARMA Design Studio-Sheet2
©Nayan Soni

Our design journey started with the formal living room: a symphony of sunlit warmth, reflected by the polished marble floor and diffused through sheer curtains. The timeless palette danced across soft textures, inviting comfort. A rich walnut-fluted TV wall served as a conversation starter, harmonizing with the greige and beige while offering a touch of luxury. “We visioned to create a space for quiet evenings and vibrant gatherings alike,” added Shweta.

Celestial Living by SPACE KARMA Design Studio-Sheet4
©Nayan Soni

Furthermore, we decided to transform a bedroom into an informal living room – creating a space for both cherished family time and stolen hours of solitude. Plush couches and sheer curtains bathed the space in a warm glow making it our favourite room in the house.

The dining area became the connector: a round table overlooked the formal living room, creating a visual thread while extending to the kitchen—a space for shared meals and conversations.

Celestial Living by SPACE KARMA Design Studio-Sheet5
©Nayan Soni

The master bedroom was a sanctuary of serenity. The smooth, unfinished walls with curved edges seamlessly merged into each other, evoking a sense of calm – making the room an ideal space to rejuvenate from the daily bustle of life.

Celestial Living by SPACE KARMA Design Studio-Sheet7
©Nayan Soni

Celestial Living wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about emotions. “The design team truly understood what I wanted,” shared our client. “They created a space that feels luxurious yet inviting, adaptable yet personal. It’s a testament to their vision and dedication.”


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