Since its opening in 2021, NINJA CLUB has hosted many young people who are fascinated by hip hop culture, and many of its furnishings have become old. This renovation to version 2.0 tells another story of Ninja, a song of ice and fire.

Project: NINJA CLUB 2.0
Project Location: Shang Hai
Floor Area: 200 square meters
Type of Design: Interior Design for Night club
Construction Group: Xiao Ruan &Zhang Jian
Design Firm: J.H Architecture Studio
Major Designer: Yang Rui, Dai zhaoning, Yi jun
Photographer: Yang Rui
Party video: FixerStudio
Stage Design: KEEFER
Time of Completion: November. 2023
Company Website:
Materials Used: granite, crystal, marbles,stainless steels, frosted glass, mirrors, and LED lights,Soil.

Ninja Club2.0 by J.H Architecture Studio - Sheet4
©Yang Rui

The exterior facade of the entrance is covered with rugged black granite, with magma-like red light seeping from the cracks in the stone. A square, smooth entrance to a mine is cut out from the irregular stack of stones, from which you enter. The solid glass bricks in the middle carry natural bubbles from the firing process, like a thousand-year-old ice bridge frozen in an instant, crystal clear and stable. The ceiling is covered with numerous crystal pendants, the magma’s red light passes through the smooth and clear bottom and top, contrasting with the rough natural stone of the walls on both sides, creating a contrast between nature and human-made.

Ninja Club2.0 by J.H Architecture Studio - Sheet7
©Yang Rui

Open the door to the dance floor. Directly above the dance floor hangs a huge frozen volcano, with the mouth of the volcano facing the DJ booth, and the base of the mountain extends over the dance floor, covering a third of the entire dance floor space.

The surface of the volcano is covered with several faceted mirrors, and the red light from the volcano’s mouth surges with the rhythm of the music. The area above the sofa is made up of several ring-shaped crystal pendants. Due to the unique refraction characteristics of the crystal material and mirror material, people in the dance floor can feel different light and shadow refractions from different angles.

Ninja Club2.0 by J.H Architecture Studio - Sheet9
©Yang Rui

Most of the walls inside the dance floor are wrapped in black velvet, filtering out some of the sound rebound, also allowing the refracted light to land smoothly, without causing light chaos due to further refraction, like the black padding under each diamond ring, making the crystal body even more dazzling.


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