The “Court of Quietude” utilizes a seamless flow of spaces, generating a serene haven for the users. It stands as a manifestation of the power of thoughtful design in transforming a challenging urban environment into calmness and tranquillity. The oasis stands as a beacon of solace, amidst the city, inviting the residents to embrace the serene environment carved out amidst the chaos of the cityscape.

Project Name: Carving a court of Quietude in a Bustling Cityscape
Category: Residential
Location: Kochi, Kerala
Plot Area: 7.7 cents
Built up Area (in sq. ft):  3890 sq ft\
Completion: July 2023

Carving a court of Quietude in a Bustling Cityscape by MuDBricks - Sheet4

Despite the challenge of being situated on a 7.7-cent corner plot, the design optimizes the utilization of space. Privacy from external connections and security were paramount for the client, a government official, a doctor and their two children. The tall compound wall embraces a streamlet, nestled by the pond creating a serene oasis. The soothing sounds of the waterfall and the gentle chimes of the wind, help to elevate the spiritual well-being of the inhabitants. It also adds to the overall quality of the space, acting as a visual delight and creating a barrier against noise.

Embracing the concept of Panchabhoota, the design adopts the link between humans and the five elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air, and space. The elements are integrated into the design through the materials used in the project, spatial planning, and circulation patterns. Materials like stone, exposed concrete, wood, and earth-toned décor are used to increase the quality of the space. The materials used, are gentle on the eyes as they are natural and earthy, borrowing colours from nature.

Three concrete walls serve the structural purpose while serving the functional aspect of seamlessly segregating spaces. The core and the dining area of the residence extends to an outer deck, which runs along the periphery of the compound wall acting as a connecting corridor, sandwiched between the cascading waterfalls and lush greenery, forming a perfect informal gathering space for the family members. The staircase, a functional element doubles as a vertical focal point of the design, by creating horizontal separation, connecting with an office space and a double-roofed terrace with panoramic views.

Carving a court of Quietude in a Bustling Cityscape by MuDBricks - Sheet7

Natural ventilation plays an integral part in the project which has been regulated by the strategic placement of openings that keeps the space both airy and well-lit during the day, by helping usher in northern light without raising the indoor temperature. The air, passing through the jaali creates a funnel effect, helping to circulate cool air throughout the space. The strategic placement of the openings and the jaalis creates a play of light and shadow further adding to the serenity of the space. Warm colour schemes have been used to incorporate fire energy, creating a space balanced by the elements accountable for different faculties of human experience.

The design embraces nature, using skylights for visual connectivity, creating a harmonious coexistence of the elements of nature. The office space is designed to ensure connectivity with the family’s private spaces while segregating professional visitors, by employing a spiral staircase. The residence utilizes cosy nooks and reading corners, providing spaces for solitude and reflection, away from the chaos of the cityscape.

The double-height dining space and open living area give the experience of a floating deck. The energy needs of the house have been met using solar power. An underground sump helps in efficient water management.

Carving a court of Quietude in a Bustling Cityscape by MuDBricks - Sheet9

Tucked amidst the bustling cityscape of Kochi, the residence manifests as a form of harmony achieved when challenging environments meet thoughtful design strategies. The design focuses on micro-thermal comfort, redefines the boundaries for urban living, and stands as a haven carved out for the family seeking comfort amidst the bustle of the city.


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