Supernova, located in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood, is an extraordinary nightclub that embraces cultural inclusivity and provides a safe and welcoming environment for individuals of all backgrounds. Founded by DJ Zac Levine and designed in collaboration with Mutuus Studio, GMD Custom, and artist friends, Supernova aims to cater to diverse audiences and promote self-expression through music, art, and entertainment.

Project Name: Supernova
Studio Name: Mutuus Studio

Mutuus Studio design team
Kristen Becker
Saul Becker
Jim Friesz
Jorge Gomez

Project team
Mutuus Studio (interior architecture and interior design)
GDM Custom (general contractor)

Supernova by Mutuus Studio - Sheet1
©Mutuus Studio

The nightclub is housed within a 6,500 square-foot heavy-timber warehouse built in 1937. Upon entering, guests are greeted by graffitied art walls and a fun house-mirrored hallway that leads to the second-floor mezzanine. From this vantage point, patrons can overlook the 30-foot-wide stage, which prominently features an 8-foot-diameter disco-ball DJ booth at its center. The stage serves as the focal point for musical performances, accompanied by captivating stage lighting displays.

Supernova by Mutuus Studio - Sheet3
©Mutuus Studio

Throughout the venue, one can find a fusion of reimagined nostalgic treasures and integrated artwork. The space is designed to be visually stimulating and mind-elevating, with surprises and discoveries awaiting visitors at every turn. Notable features include a vintage VW bus bar and a lounge area defined by bright fluorescent shapes.

Supernova by Mutuus Studio - Sheet5
©Mutuus Studio

Supernova’s primary goal is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome, particularly women, BIPOC individuals, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. By fostering an inclusive environment for employees, patrons, and entertainers alike, the nightclub aims to provide a memorable experience of dancing, music, and art for all who visit.


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